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First Game Played May 1, 1878
Last Game Played September 14, 1878
Managers: (1)
Jack Chapman 1878

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Defunct Teams

Played As:
Milwaukee Grays 1878
Historical Moments:

After the Louisville Grays gambling scandal, the National League was sent reeling. Down to just six teams after the Louisville Grays expulsion, the NL invited a team with a similar name to join the league. The Milwaukee Grays had been successful in the League Alliance which had a loose affiliation with the National League. With two other teams withdrawing from the league, the National League invited the minor league team to join. Other than naming Jack Chapman as manager, the Milwaukee Grays had no other connection to the tarnished Louisville team. The Grays were not very strong, as they won just one out of every four games, finishing dead last among six teams with a record of 15-45. Milwaukee's best hitter was Abner Dalrymple, who led the team in hitting with a solid .354 average while Jake Goodman had a team high 27 RBI. The Grays top pitcher was Sam Weaver, who had the fourth-best ERA in the league at 1.95 but only had a record of 12-31.
Stadiums: (1)
Eclipse Park 1878
No Hitters

Cycle Hitters:
1878 Season:
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Jake Goodman
Sam Weaver
Eclipse Park
Abner Dalrymple