2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks
Bears 23 49ers 10
The spread on this game is just a little ridiculous, sure the Bears look strong, and should be able to win without much of a struggle, but the point spread is just too high, the 49ers are not as bad as they were last year, plus Mike Brown is out for the season for the Bears. In addition the Bears offense is not that great.

Bengals 27 Falcons 17
Chad Johnson is putting where his mouth is, at least his Mohawk that is as he is promising to get rid of his now trademark that graced the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, saying if the Falcons win and DeAngelo Hall shuts him down. The Mohawk will be safe as the Bengals are getting back on track with their 2nd straight win.
Packers 31 Cardinals 17
The desert runs dry again for the Cardinals who thirst for victory continues to run parched without satisfaction. Look for a strong game from Brett Favre for the second week in a row as the Packers feast on the NFL's Lilliputians for the second week in a row.

Browns 24 Jets 17
The Jets are flying high after two straight wins and sitting at 4-3, while the Browns are in the downs at 1-5. Truth be told the Jets are not much better then the Browns, they have just had an easier schedule. Look for the Jets to come back to earth as the Browns give their fans something to cheer for a change.

Saints 17 Ravens 13
The Saints are 5-1 and face another test this week, keeping their focus after a bye week. Fortunately the task is made easier by Ravens team coming off a bye week themselves and with an offense that's simply offensive. Look for it to be close through out but that Saints magic to show up again at the end.

Giants 24 Buccaneers 10
Oh brother here we go again another sibling showdown at the Meadowlands. While Giants leading rusher Tiki Barber stunned fans with his retirement plans twin brother Rhonde returned two picks in a win for the Bucs. Now they face each other for the final time. If Rhonde hits Tiki too hard, will there mom feel it? Giants win easily.
Last Week: 7-6 .538
Season Total: 51-49 .510
Eagles 24 Jaguars 7
Both teams are coming off bad losses, only the Jaguars was real bad in that they were thumped by the Texans, while the Eagles were bit by a 62-yard Field Goal, those long kicks don't happen every week and the Eagles will respond with a strong resounding win at home.

Chiefs 24 Seahawks 10
Quarterback Matt Hasslebeck is out, leading Receiver Bobby Engram is out, and MVP RB Shaun Alexander is out. When John Madden puts a star from your team on the cover of his game, buying it is the only way to see them in action. Look for the Chiefs to win this one easily. 

Texans 24 Titans 13
Stop the Press Texans win two in a row! The Texans win last week against the Jaguars was quite impressive while the Titans win two weeks again was quite fortunate. Look for a strong game from David Carr as the Titans make themselves comfortable in last place in the AFC South because they will be there a while.
Chargers 38 Rams 17
Back home after a loss in Kansas City, the Chargers show the Show Me State's other resident plenty at home as LaDanian Tomlinson will have a field day against the Rams defense. Look for two or three touchdowns for LT as the Chargers look super in an easy win.

Broncos 16 Colts 13
The unbeaten Colts versus the Super Defense of the Broncos, which will reign supreme this week, in this week's marquis match up. The home crowd in Denver should give the Broncos an edge, as the Broncos defense will stop the Colts just enough that they are able to pull out a close win, and establish themselves as the top team in the AFC.
Steelers 24 Raiders 10
Ben Roethlisberger, Charlie Batch, or even Orin Hatch it don't matter who the Steelers have at Quarterback this week, they will crush the Raiders. If they are smart they will let Big Ben heal as the Steelers go into Oakland and add to the depression in Oakland, as Al Davis chooses to watch old videos of the glory days to save his sanity. 
Panthers 27 Cowboys 13
The Panthers lost last week dropped them to 4-3 and put them on the brink of becoming a genuine disappointment, while the Cowboys passed genuine disappointment 10 miles back. Look for the Panthers to win easily and get back on track while the Cowboys road to ruin is past the point of no return.

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Patriots 24 Vikings 20
Are the Vikings for real? This will show the answer one way or another as they face the Patriots at in a Monday Night showdown. However its' a poor measuring stick in that the Patriots always seem to play stronger in primetime, and the Vikings does anybody really think they are for real?