Traditionally, sports betting was a more prominent pastime in Europe, with horse racing being the most popular betting sport. Canada and the United States, on the other hand, seemed to attract players who preferred playing games at online casinos.
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In recent years though, we are seeing a shift in the popularity of sports betting in American sports. With the
NBA and the National football league both having huge world-wide fan bases, it is no wonder that punters in Europe as well as Canada and America have taken to betting on both American football and basketball. Betting on American sports also allows for fun and more complex bets to be placed, as you can bet not only on a winner (as with horse racing), but place wagers on the end score as well. This has seen an increase in North Americans betting on American sports that they enjoy watching. However, their taste for online casino games have not diminished in the midst of the sports betting hype. Instead, the two activities seem to go hand-in-hand; allowing both industries to prosper.
The rise of sports betting in American sports