Anaheim Amigos

First Game Played October 13, 1967 Last Game Played March 24, 1968 Moved to Los Angels in 1968

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1967/68: Owned by Hawaiian Art Kim who had owned teams in the American Basketball League, the Anaheim Amigos faced the Oakland Oaks in the very first ABA game on October 13th, and lost 134-129 as they played their first six games on the road. The Amigo would not win any of those games, until the finale against the Minnesota Muskies. Facing the Oaks in their first two home games, he Amigos would win their first home on October 31st. With a largely unknown roster, the Amigos struggled to draw fans and struggled to win games, as they finished in fifth place with a record of 25-53, missing the playoffs. Following the season the team is sold to James Kirst who owned a local construction company. Kirst would start all over, beginning with moving the team to Los Angeles, where they would be rebranded the Los Angeles Stars.

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