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The Rise of eSports Betting

There’s no other industry that has survived in the difficult economy and also managed to thrive and grow like the gambling industry. With the development of online casinos, thousands of people log-in every day to play the latest online casino gamesfor either fun or money. The main reason why the gambling industry is flourishing is its willingness to move with the times. As soon as it notices a fresh method for betting or a sport on the rise, companies instantly add it to their sportsbook offer. The latest example of this is the inclusion of eSports in sportsbook offers.

What Are eSports?

eSports is an organized form of multiplayer video game competition that has become incredibly popular in recent times. Although online and offline competitions were common among amateur players for quite a long time, the first pro players arrived on the scene somewhere around 2000. Since then, this new and booming sport rose in popularity, breaking records in viewership and offering enticing prizes for eSports players.

It’s fair to say that the world of eSports has exploded in recent years and that’s the main reason why the gambling industry has decided to include it in their betting offer. eSports betting has hit new heights in the last few years due to the popularity of games such as Dota 2 or CS: Go. As more money entered the industry, it created new opportunities for betting and you can bet that the gambling industry grabbed the chance with both hands.

How to Bet on eSports?

Betting on eSports is essentially the same as betting on any other sport. eSports has grown to the point that almost all online betting sites are offering it and the odds are certainly attractive. More and more gamblers are seeing the potential for betting on eSports and sport betting giants are certainly taking eSports seriously, making the future for eSports gambling pretty bright. We’re not saying that it will overtake football or basketball betting, but the potential is surely there.

What Does the Future Hold?

Currently, experts are predicting that the eSports market and its revenuewill continue growing steadily in the nearby futureIn 2016, the eSports industry was valued at $500 million, but this number will surely increase in coming years.

The viewership of eSports events continues growing as well just like the tournament prizes. As more and more players enter competitions and the list of sponsors grows longer, the betting side of eSports will grow as well. This makes eSports betting quite enticing for gamblers who will no doubt consider betting on many of the major eSports events.