2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

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Week 1


Giants 24 Redskins 13

Expect it to be a banner day at the Meadowlands as the New York Giants play their first home game since the end of the regular season. Since then the Giants have won a Super Bowl in a road trip for the ages and their fans feet have yet to touch the ground. Expect a loud ovation when Big Blue takes the field, and the cheering to never stop as the Giants crush the Redskins.


Lions 31 Falcons 20

Oh yes this is a true barn burner, a battle of the titans in the opening week, can you feel the excitement? The historic meeting of such two franchises with a long history of ineptitude makes you tingle all over doesn’t it? Meh I did not think so, this one stinks, but teams suck, and for those who are stuck watching this in their local market it’s the best advertisement for Direct TV.


Bengals 27 Ravens 17

The Bengals have a great Quarterback and solid receivers even the colorful Chad Johnson Ocho Cinio. However, the difference make will be T.J. Houshmandzadeh. On the other had their defense leaves allot to be desired, fortunately for the Bengals they won’t need a good defense against Joe Flaco who is making his NFL debut.


Bills 27 Seahawks 17

Nothing is harder in the NFL for a team to come from the West Coast to the East Coast and play an early kickoff. In the early season it’s even harder since most preseason games take place at night. Look for a loud crowd in Buffalo to have their 12th man screaming at the jet lagged Seahawks all day as the Bills get off to a good start with a solid win against a playoff contender.


Dolphins 20 Jets 17

This one is going to be delicious for the Dolphins, who coming off a 1-15 season will be looking to make a statement right away that things have changed. Also looking to make a statement is new Dolphins QB Chad Pennington who was released by the Jets just last month. Look for a rocky start to Bret Favre’s Jets career as the Dolphins get the upset in Week 1.


Patriots 45 Chiefs 10

The Patriots may not get any Super Bowl rings or a championship banner, and the 72 Dolphins were the ones popping the champagne after Super Bowl XLII, but they get cake in Week 1, specifically a cup cake. Brodie Croyle is no Brady, and the Chiefs may play to win the game, but Herm Edwards team may not be able to get by anyone as the Chiefs start what is gong to be a long season by getting blow out.


Saints 27 Buccaneers 13

Nobody has had a more trying week then the Saints, who again were uprooted by a Hurricane, as Gustav had New Orleans residents having horrible flashbacks to Katrina. This time, however the Crescent City was spared, as the planning was top notch by local and federal officials. Expect a fire up crowd to greet them as they return home this week with a solid statement win over the Bucs.


Eagles 27 Rams 13

There’s not a whole lot going for the Rams as this season begins, the Greatest Show on Turf has come and gone, and the vanilla offense run by Scott Linehan is often predictable and rarely successful. Look for the Eagles to get the jump early and win the game fairly easily, as the Eagles have playoff hopes, while the Rams fans by the end of the year will have new coach hopes.


Steelers 20 Texans 17

The Texans are a young up and coming team that if they were not in such a tough division, could make a serious run at the playoffs. Meanwhile the Steelers are still a strong team that could make a run. However, without Alan Faneca on the line the Steelers offense could struggle against tough blitzing defenses like the Texans. Look for this to be a close game as the Steelers need a last minute field goal to win.


Jaguars 20 Titans 10

The Jaguars have had a trying week with the shooting of Richard Collier. Facing a tough divisional rival on the road was tough to begin, but with the worry over their teammate the Jaguars could go in the game distracted. They could, but they won’t this team is real good, and as shown by their road playoff win in Pittsburgh last year they are tough. Look for the Jaguars to pull off the minor upset.


Cowboys 34 Browns 24

For a team with high playoff aspirations the Browns had a rough preseason. Facing the Cowboys the chances of them starting off strong are not good either, as the Cowboys passing game should exploit the Browns defensive short comings. Look for a big day from Tony Romo as the Cowboys try to get the bitter taste of last year out of their mouths.


Chargers 37 Panthers 10

The Chargers are on a mission, it is Tampa or bust, as they are loaded on both sides of the ball. Teams like this usually start out with a statement win in the first week of the season, and that’s exactly what you will get this week as the Chargers zap the Panthers earl and often and win going away, as LaDainian Tomlinson gets three touchdowns.


Cardinals 24 49ers 13

The Cardinals enter the season with serious playoff hopes yes you are not dreaming, this could be a magical fall for Arizona. Look for Kurt Warner to have a strong game as the 49ers QB J.T. O’Sullivan steps out from behind his bar and serves up nothing to a fan base in the bay area that is growing more and more frustrated by the day.


Colts 17 Bears 10

Peyton Manning did not take a snap during the preseason, and is seeing his first game action on Sunday Night in a rematch of Super Bowl XLI. While he should be able to lead the Colts to victory it won’t be easy against the Bears defense, as the Colts open Lucas Oil Field with a win that is given to them by their defense more then their offense.


Vikings 27 Packers 13

This is a game full of interesting side bets; like over/under time it takes fans at Lambeau Field fans to chant “We want Bret” I say it takes less then a quarter, as poor Aaron Rodgers faces the Vikings improved defense and disgruntle fan base in Green Bay that will never accept him for not being Favre, as the Vikings win a key early season game.


Raiders 27 Broncos 17

The Silver and Black are on the road back, as for the first time in years they have some actual talent, and its young talent, so things will only get better down the road. As for this year they get off to a nice start by running over the Broncos who are heading in the wrong direction and in for a long season.