2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-8 .500
Season Total: 71-73 .493



Falcons 24 Ravens 20

Last year the Falcons started 6-2 and finished 8-8, this year the Falcons started 5-2, and now after two straight losses head into Baltimore at 5-4. So here comes 5-5 right, wrong the Falcons every time you are ready to quit on them like to have that strong game, and this is it as they take advantage of a Ravens team playing without Ray Lewis.


Panthers 31 Rams 10

Ready Set Go, after a 4-4 first half the Panthers used a strong second half against the Buccaneers to re-launch their season. Now they get some momentum as they pound the struggling Rams, who once were 4-1, but now stand 4-5 and look nothing like a playoff contender.


Steelers 24 Browns 10

Last week the Steelers ran the ball with Willie Parker getting over 200 rushing yards; maybe this was the formula for their success last year after all. Look for more Parker, and a strong game from Ben Roethlisberger who benefits from a balanced attack as the Steelers win their second straight.


Patriots 35 Packers 21

A decade ago this was the match up on Super Sunday as the Packers reclaimed their glorious birthright as Desmond Howard burnt the Patriots special teams again and again. Not many players are left on either team from that game, one is Packers QB Brett Favre who has looked good the last few weeks, but against the Pats he will just look old.


Texans 17 Bills 10

The Texans have manhandled the Jaguars twice this year, and are a win or two away from being able to say they’ve had a successful season, look for them to get one of those wins this week as their steadily improving defense shuts down the Bills at home, as David Carr does just enough to drive the Texans to a win.


Chiefs 17 Raiders 0

Chiefs starting QB Trent Green may be ready to return in this week, even though he will miss TE Tony Gonzalez for at least a week. It won’t matter either way as RB Larry Johnson is the key while the Raider anemic offense drowns in a sea of red as Chiefs fans don’t know weather to cheer or laugh at the Raiders failures.


Dolphins 20 Vikings 13

Two teams heading in opposite directions, one was 1-6 and have won two in a row, and are looking strong, while the other once 4-2 is now 4-5 and playing terrible football. Look for the trends to continue as the Dolphins continue their post bye week recovery, by handing the Vikings a fourth straight loss.


Bengals 34 Saints 30

Look for offensive fireworks in the dome as the Bengals need a win and the Saints are beginning to show signs of weakness. Call it this week’s gut feeling, as the Bengals are not as bad as their 4-5 record, and have some magic left in their season, and will not go down quietly.


Bears 27 Jets 10

Last week in the win and the rain the Bears used a dominant second half to beat the Giants in the Meadowlands, now they are back for more against the Jets who used mirrors to beat the Patriots on the road. Look for pretty much a repeat performance as the Bears overwhelm the Jets early for an easy win.


Eagles 27 Titans 10

The Eagles showed last week they can beat up on the very weak, this week they get another chance as they know they must take advantage of teams like the Titans, especially with the Colts on the slate next week. This game won’t even be close as Donovan McNabb has a big day.


Buccaneers 9 Redskins 3

Richard Van Winkle will settle down Sunday after a satisfying Sunday brunch, and while ignoring his wife’s demands he rake the leaves, he flipped on the television and started watching the Buccaneers and Redskins, when he wakes up from this borefest it will be 2026. WARNING: Don’t drive, or operate heavy machinery while watching this game.


Lions 24 Cardinals 14

Tis almost the season to be jolly, next week families will be reuniting for Thanksgiving diner, while others will only have a card to send saying wish they were there. The Cardinals will be among those sending a card because they have a large book of stamps and have decided to mail the rest of the season in weeks ago.


49ers 24 Seahawks 20

Shaun Alexander may be returning but he won’t be 100%, Matt Hassselbeck is still at least a week away from returning. Last year the Seahawks were unbeatable in the second half and the 49ers were pushovers yet the 49ers almost beat the Seahawks in Monster Park. This year they will get the win, just call it another gut feeling.


Colts 42 Cowboys 20

The Cowboys roller coaster continues as they follow a dominant win on the road by being dominated at home by the unbeaten Colts. Look for the Colts to gallop up and down the field as T.O. dreams of having a QB like Peyton Manning, while Manning calls that a nightmare, as T.O. celebrates the anniversary of his Philly exile by saying if the Cowboys had Peyton manning they’d be undefeated.


Broncos 17 Chargers 13

The Amityville Horror House, the Overlook Hotel, and a Cemetery after midnight, none of those places scare Chargers Coach Marty Schottenheimer more then a football field in Denver. Weather it be Mile High or Invesco Field, weather he is coaching the Browns, Chiefs of Chargers Marty has nightmares in road games in Denver, and that wont change on Sunday Night.


Giants 17 Jaguars 13

Plucked from Boston College in 1993, Tom Coughlin as Coach and GM of the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars built the team from scratch and made them a contender, though they never reached the Super Bowl he was high successful. On Monday he returns with his new team and shows just why he was such a great coach leading the banged up Giants to a needed road win.