2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 10-6 .625
Season Total: 88-88 .500



Bengals 24 Ravens 10

Somehow two weeks ago it finally clicked for the Bengals as they started to play the kind of football that was expected of them all year. However, after a 4-6 start it may be jut a little too late as the 9-2 Ravens have been clicking all year. This week though it will be just in time as the Bengal cool off the Ravens and continue their late season run.


Bills 24 Chargers 20

Last week the Chargers almost lost to the Raiders at home this week they shuffle off to Buffalo, where they face a Bills team that is red hot, after two straight last minute wins. Traveling to the East has always been a problem for the Chargers who seem groggy in 1PM starts. Plus the cold of Buffalo and you have a nice upset for the Bills.


Bears 17 Vikings 13

Turnovers have plagued the Bears of late as QB Rex Grossman is turning into a major liability. Coming back off a three game Northeastern road trip the Bears defense should be up to the task, but the offense may hurt them again. Look for the Vikings to keep it close as doubts continue to surround Rex.


Chiefs 24 Browns 13

Last week the Browns but numbers on their helmet for the first time in 5 decades, and ended up going home with footprints on their rear ends after a 30-0 ass kicking at the hands of the Bengals. This week they should try clown make up as they look more like the Cleveland Clowns and not the Browns.


Packers 20 Jets 17

Its not easy being green, but the Jets are smoking as of late beating the Patriots on the road, and putting a scare in the Bears at home, has the 6-5 Jets thinking playoffs. Those thoughts will not be there next week at this time as they suffer a let down in Lambeau as Brett Favre leads the Packers to a close win.


Patriots 34 Lions 10

The Lions: Built Ford Tough; If Ford built cars like they did football teams they will be going out of business. Maybe they do build cars the same way. Ford stands for Found Off Road Dead and Fortieth on Race Day. Lions stand for Losing Is Our Natural Style and Lastplace In Our NFC North Standings


Saints 28 49ers 17

Last week the 49ers suffered at heart wrenching loss in the final minutes in St. Louis, losses like that are not easy to overcome for young teams, especially when they trail halfway across the country the following week. Look for the Saints to continue marching toward the playoffs with a solid win.


Rams 24 Cardinals 20

As time goes by things change while other things remain the same. Two decades ago the Rams were in Los Angeles and the Cardinals were St. Louis. The Rams were in the NFC West and the Cards in the NFC East. The Rams were mediocre and the Cardinals sucked. Now their both in the NFC West, but the Rams are mediocre and the Cardinals suck.


Colts 34 Titans 10

Last week the Titans trailed the Eli Manning and the Giants 21-0 in the 4th Quarter, when QB Vince Young led them on a miracle comeback win. This week they face Eli’s big brother Peyton who shows little bro just how to get it done. Look for the Colts to get the lead early and not look back.


Falcons 20 Redskins 13

The Falcons have lost four in a row but according to Michael Vick their fans are number 1, while the Redskins are now looking to the future with QB Jason Campbell. It may be in Washington, but if the Falcons don’t somehow win this one Jim Mora may be spending the holidays with dear old dad discussing coach killers.


Dolphins 24 Jaguars 20

It’s the suddenly hot Miami Dolphins against the Helter Skelter Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars can look like world beater’s one week and a last place team the following week. Look for them to look like the ladder as they head south to Miami and watch their season go south as the Dolphins win.


Texans 17 Raiders 13

The Raiders have hung tough lately despite their continued downward spiral at 2-9. This week they are even considered the favorites to win. However, they won’t as the Texans come in and put up a solid effort behind QB David Carr, as the Texans defense eats the Raiders anemic offense alive.


Cowboys 34 Giants 13

There is no coming back for the Giants who have lost three straight games now after their meltdown in Nashville. Not how you want to play with the division on the line against the streaking Cowboys. Look for the Giants to fall apart early this week as, as Jeremy Shockey eats his words.


Steelers 20 Buccaneers 7

The Buccaneers offense is about as bad as it gets, as rookie QB Bruce Gradikowski is struggling, and second year RB Cadillac Williams is looking more lie a Yugo as in You go nowhere, or in this case the Bucs offense. Meanwhile the defending champion Steelers are done at 4-7 and hoping just to finish the season strong.


Seahawks 27 Broncos 10

Newsflash Broncos bench Plummer, Newsflash defending NFC Champion Seahawks getting healthier at the right time. Newsflash Broncos new QB Jay Cutler is just a rookie. Newsflash the Seahawks are full of veterans who can feast on a rookie QB. Newsflash this game is in primetime. If you think the Broncos can win under these circumstances, I got news for you.


Panthers 24 Eagles 10

The Eagles are as finished as the carcass of the turkey from last week’s Thanksgiving diner. Now its time for the vultures to sweep in and feats and get an easy win. This week’s vulture is a Panther. Look for the Panthers to bounce back off their loss in Washington with another strong Monday Night effort.