2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-8 .500
Season Total: 96-96 .500



Steelers 24 Browns 13

How did the Browns win last week? Some mysteries will always remain unanswered, but with QB Charlie Frye’s status up in the air, there is no way they can win with a back up again. Look for the Steelers to burry the Browns in the AFC North Basement, as the Steelers win easily.


Panthers 24 Giants 10

Taps will be playing after the game, but for which team? The Panthers who have underachieved all season and sit at 6-6 with 5 leads lost in the 4th Quarter or the Giants who are now 6-6 after a 6-2 start with players pointing fingers in every direction but the one that needs it the most the mirror. Look for the Panthers to be the ones to keep hope alive.


Bengals 20 Raiders 0

The Bengals a month ago were the worst defense in the NFL blowing a huge lead at home to the Chargers as it seemed they could not stop anyone. However, after 17 years they got their first shutout two weeks ago, and then followed it up by coming with in 1 minute of second straight blanking. This week they won’t fall a minute short as they blank the Raiders.


Lions 27 Vikings 20

Inspired by their solid showing in Foxboro the Lions win a game, yes the LIONS WIN, just like Christmas comes but once a year, Lion wins come just a few times each season, and this one will be some what sweet as it is a Division Win against the Vikings. Look for this one to be decided on turnovers as stomachs turn if the Vikings wear their purple pants again.


Texans 23 Titans 20

The Titans are feeling like Giant killers as of late after their comeback win over Eli and the Giants, followed by another last second win over Peyton Manning’s Colts, so the Texans should be a cake walk right. WRONG this is the NFL and when you feel the cake you eat ends up being humble pie.


Jaguars 17 Colts 13

Week in, week out there is no telling what team will show up for the Jaguars, the one that beat the Cowboys, or the won that got swept by the Texas, while at 7-5 they are sill in the thick of the Wild Card chase. Hard to imagine the bad version will show up this week as they circled the calendar for this one along time ago.


Chiefs 24 Ravens 20

Two teams that went oh woe is me in Ohio last week meet up in a key December battle. While the Ravens loss is less painful as they still have a two game division lead, the Chiefs is more puzzling. The Ravens may be the better team, but the Chiefs in Arrowhead always seem to get that extra boost, and that will be the deciding factor.


Dolphins 24 Patriots 20

After nearly losing to the Lions last week at home the Patriots go on the road and suffer their first road loss in Miami. Look for the Dolphins to rebound off last week’s loss nicely as Joey Harrington has a solid game, as questions continue to creep up about the Patriots.


Falcons 20 Buccaneers 9

For two decades an orange effeminate Pirate, named Buccaneer Bruce graced or should I say disgraced their helmets as they were perennially one of the worst teams in the NFL, now Buccaneer Bruce is back, and sadly he is playing QB, while last years Rookie of the Year Cadillac Williams is now just another hoopdy.


Eagles 24 Redskins 13

Last week the Eagles kept hope alive, as they stunned the Panthers with a comeback win on Monday Night, now they go on the road for three straight that will determine their season’s fate. This week things will look good as they go down to Washington and scalp the Redskins.


Seahawks 31 Cardinals 10

The signs of Christmas, Snow on the ground check, The Tree is decorated check, and the Cardinals are in last place check. Ain’t it grand that some Holiday Traditions never die. The Seahawks on the other hand are getting hot at just the right time, look for this one to be a blowout win in the desert.


49ers 27 Packers 17

The Packers went into the locker last week at halftime trailing the Jets 31-0 at home. Not exactly a legendary Lambeau Moment. After playing well a few weeks ago Brett Favre now looks worn down and old again as the Packers look ready to pack it in, while the 49ers look to bounce back after two rough road losses.


Jets 21 Bills 10

Show of hands who thought the Jets would be 7-5 and in the playoff chase in early December? Heck show of hands how many thought they would even win 7 all season? Call we impressed as they are not only winning but getting stronger each week. Look for the crowd to be loud as they beat the Bills for their third straight win.


Chargers 24 Broncos 7

The Chargers have had a super look as of it late as RB LaDainian Tomlinson has 26 Touchdowns in just 12 games, another 3 TDs and he holds the single season record. He won’t get the record by himself this week as he gets just two, but with their second win against the Broncos his team will lock up the division.


Cowboys 24 Saints 20

Out of nowhere is the story of these two teams that lead their respective divisions, the Saints were a wretched 3-13 last year, as they were NFL nomads after Hurricane Katrina, while the Cowboys after a mediocre start are the hottest team in the NFC behind Tony Romo an undrafted QB that sat on the bench for three years. Look for more Romo magic as the Cowboys win.


Bears 27 Rams 10

Final score Bears 26 Rams 10, offensive score Bears 13 Rams 3, defensive score Bears defense 14 Rams defense 7. Not exactly a Monday night thriller in fact it will be a ratings killer, perhaps ESPN can have a few more episodes of Ali Raps, as even Hank Williams Rowdy Friends stay home and watch something else.