2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 9-7 .563
Season Total: 114-110 .509



Packers 24 Vikings 20

The winner is alive the loser is done, the winner has an outside chance, and as NFL Network likes to remind us this could be the last time Brett Favre plays in Lambeau, will it be maybe I don’t know, but I do know this the Packers will win, as the Vikings feel the sting as Tundra is starting to freeze.


Chiefs 20 Raiders 13

It’s a Festivus, Day of Celebration in Oakland as the Chiefs and Raiders longtime rivals meet and do the honorary feats of strengths, while Raiders fans weigh in with the airing of Grievances as the Raiders play their final home game of the season, now if the Raiders manage to win that will be a Festivus Miracle.


Falcons 24 Panthers 13

When your Quarterback’s name rhymes stinky you know you have no shot at winning. Just how stinky is Weinke? Well since winning his first start in 2001, he is 0-17. Even the immortal Craig Whelihan has a better winning percentage then that. In fact any bum in the stands is probably better then Chris Stinky err I mean Chris Weinke.


Bills 20 Titans 13

Two teams ending the season on a strong note, after bad starts; the Bills have used defense to win, while the Titans it has started with the play of Vince Young, and spread all around, as next year promises to be a good one in Tennessee. However, this week will be time to pay the dues, as those Christmas Bills burry the Titans winning streak.


Buccaneers 17 Browns 13

Joy to the World, Gradkowski has been benched. And now the Bucs may get a win. they are playing the lousy Browns. And maybe even Cadillac Williams can rush for more then 50 yards. Look for the Bucs to actually win this won. As the Browns, go down again, with fans booing at the Dawg Pound, singing Joy the seasons over.


Bears 24 Lions 10

Somewhere in the Matt Millen home sits Tiny Tim, a lame scant that walks with a crutch, but views the world with such optimism everyone is touched to be around him. It will break his heart to see his dad get fired as GM, so despite the Lions being awful again, Millen will keep his job. Not buying it? Well the Lions owners did how else did Millen not get fired yet?


Colts 34 Texans 17

Oh over the middle and down the field, the Colts will boldly go, as the Texans dense are hopeless to stop them, as fans in Houston wish they had a time machine and they can go back and draft Vince Young, as QB David Carr and the Texans spend another Christmas sipping Egg Nog in last place.


Jaguars 20 Patriots 17

The Jaguars are like a Christmas gift. It can be anything in there, they can go out and be an authentic game worn Mets jersey as they were two weeks ago when they crushed the Colts, or they can be underwear as they were when they lost twice to the Texans. This week I have a feeling they will be the gift their fans actually like this week.


Saints 24 Giants 13

Last week the Saints won their division despite losing at home to the Redskins, now they return to their home away from home to face the Meadowlands. Last year the NFL forced them to play a home game there now it’s a road game, and they will be out for some sweet revenge look for the Saints to bounce back and crush the Giants playoff hopes.


Steelers 20 Ravens 17

The Steelers have in large part had a disappointing season coming off their Super Bowl Championship, but they can still finish with a winning record, and hurt their rivals. Look for them to continue to finish the season strongly by ending the Ravens at home, as they go home laughing all the way that the Ravens won’t get that playoff bye.


Rams 24 Redskins 20

Don’t expect the Redskins to have more dome magic this week, as they won’t catch the Rams by surprise like they did the Saints last week. Look for the Rams to grab control early as they hold on for a close win, keeping the NFC Playoff picture further muddled with just one week to go.


49ers 27 Cardinals 17

In week 1 the Cardinals christened their new stadium with a win against the 49ers, they now finish the season with two games on the road, as their new stadium much like their big free agent signing Edgerine James has been a huge bust. Look for more disappointment this week as the 49ers keep their faint hopes alive.


Broncos 34 Bengals 20

A playoff game with in the season itself, the winner has destiny in its own hands going into the final week, while the loser, as nothing else to do but make those off-season plans. Look for Broncos rookie QB Jay Cutler to continue his strong play as the Bengals soft pass defense is exposed again a Mile High.


Chargers 34 Seahawks 20

If the Seahawks could not stop Frank Gore, how in the hell are they going to stop LaDainian Tomlinson? A year Shaun Alexander set a record for 28 Touchdowns, LT has 31 and counting. Look for that number to climb to 34 as the Chargers continue to roll towards the top seed in the AFC.


Cowboys 27 Eagles 24

Oh T.O. better watch out, TO better not pout, he better not cry, I’m telling you why, his old team is coming to town. If the Cowboys win this game they win the whole division, While Jeff Garcia dons his gay apparel, the game will be close all the way, but in the end the home cooking and the play of Tony Romo will be the difference.


Dolphins 24 Jets 13

Deck the Jets with Jason Taylor Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, oh what fun it will be to ruin their season Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, the Dolphins are going nowhere but too eliminate the Jets will be so much fun Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. Look for the Dolphins to get the upset, as the Jets fans go on a Christmas Bender Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la la-la-la-la.