2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 6-10 .375
Season Total: 120-120 .500

Week 17


Redskins 24 Giants 17

With the NFC being utterly pathetic the Giants are still in control of their own destiny to make the playoffs, the way they are playing they should not be. While the Redskins have played better with Jason Campbell, and on Saturday the Skins will end the year on a happy note by sending the Giants into the off-season, where there could be massive changes.


Bengals 31 Steelers 17

With a win the Bengals can be in position to make the playoffs if either the Jets or Broncos slip up. While they have not control over what happens elsewhere they will do their part and put a cap on the Steelers disappointing season and perhaps may even the Bill Cowher era in Pittsburgh.


Cowboys 31 Lions 10

After laying an egg against the Eagles on Christmas the Cowboys need a win and a Eagle loss to win the division they looked to be complete control of just two weeks ago. They can’t control what the Eagles do, but they can certainly take care of business on their own as they have an easy win against the Detroit Cowardly Lions.


Texans 24 Browns 13

It’s been along time since the Texans have won two games in a row, and after a win last week against the Colts they have a chance to end the season with two straight W’s. Playing the Browns it will be a letdown if they don’t win, expect the Texans to actually cruise in this one as they look forward to next year.


Chiefs 24 Jaguars 13

When the Jaguars are watching the playoffs next week they will have only themselves to blame two losses against the Texans, and inconsistent play all season has them needing a win and lots of help to get in the postseason. They won’t even get the win, as their poor road play and the Chiefs home dominance spells certain doom.


Rams 27 Vikings 17

The Rams are not close to holding their own destiny as they have a poor record in Conference games. However if things bounce right and they get a win they could be in at 8-8. With a rookie QB the Vikings are looking more towards next year and beyond, and will not put up much resistance as the Rams get the win, and cross their fingers the rest of the way.


Saints 24 Panthers 20

The Saints have utterly nothing to play for as they are locked into the second seed. Expect them to play well though for at least the first half as they don’t want to lose their sharpness. In the second half things may be different as the Saints pull starters out, and if the Panthers had a healthy Jake Delhomme they would even get the win.


Jets 17 Raiders 6

The Jets just need a win against the Raiders to make the playoffs, the only way the Jets path could be easier if the Jets were given a free win by the NFL, because that’s what the Raiders amount to these days especially on the road. Look for the Jets to give their fans some ajita, but in the end the Raiders anemic offense will have another game without a TD.


Seahawks 20 Buccaneers 13

In NFL history only two teams have lost their last four games and still made the playoffs. If the Seahawks who already clinched the division lose in Tampa they will be the third. I just don’t see them losing again, and knowing they need a win to get some momentum for the playoffs they get a strong performance and a road win.


Titans 24 Patriots 20

After a 2-7 start the Titans who have won six straight have an outside chance to make the playoffs if certain things fall right. Against the Patriots that may be a tough task ordinarily, but with the playoffs coming next week the Pats may be resting some stars, thus allowing another win for Vince Young who make his case for Rookie of the Year.


Ravens 17 Bills 10

With a win the Ravens get a first round bye and even home field in the AFC Playoffs if the Chargers lose. With that on the table don’t expect the Ravens to take this one easy as their defense punishes the Bills all day, and gets the win, as the offense does just enough to play it safe.


Broncos 24 49ers 20

The Broncos the math is easy, +1 win =playoffs, and with the way Jay Cutler is playing they have the weapons, but the 49ers have been pesky at times, and another blizzard could be heading for the Mile High City. Expect the 49ers to give the Broncos all they can handle until Cutler plays John Elway and gives the Broncos a 4th Quarter comeback win.


Colts 24 Dolphins 20

The Colts need a win and help to get a \ bye after sputtering at the end of the season. Look for this game to be a battle as the velvety soft Colts run defense, in which even I who weighs 400 lbs could probably rush for 100 yards allows Ronnie Brown to have a career game. However, in the end Peyton Manning will have a big day and play the hero.


Eagles 24 Falcons 10

After winning three straight road games against their most heated rivals, the Eagles just need a home win against the reeling Falcons to win the division. Look for the Eagles to shut down Michael Vick, as the Flacons begin work on looking for a replacement for soon to be ex-Coach Jim Mora.


Chargers 38 Cardinals 13

Last week was one of the few weeks LaDainian Tomlinson did not score a Touchdown, but he did rush for over 150 yards and the Chargers still one. With home field on the line expect LT to enter the endzone at least twice, as the Chargers win again. While in the desert it’s another pitiful 5-11 season and a new coach on the horizon.


Bears 27 Packers 24

It’s easy to say the Bears have nothing to play for while the Packers are in the position where they may have destiny in their hands and the fates of millions elsewhere by the time they play Sunday Primetime. However, just the idea of keeping the Packers out of the playoffs is motivation enough for the Bears to win and send Brett Favre packing.