2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-8 .500
Season Total: 14-18 .375



Bills 20 Jets 10

The Bills have not looked too bad so far holding the Patriots to 19 points and shutting down the Dolphins on the road. Now they come home and shine again as the Jets offense never gets off the ground. Look for the Bills defense to continue its strong play as the Bills get off to a surprise 2-1 start.


Lions 17 Packers 10

The Lions offense has been dreadful, while the Packers defense has been just as bad. Something has to give, may it will be the fans who will be scratching their heads and wondering if this game is truly the NFL, as Brett Favre continues to struggle, as the Lions defense makes the difference in this battle of bad vs. worse.


Texans 24 Redskins 13

Does anybody still believe in the Redskins After a 0-4 preseason in which they were outscored 104-27, and a poor 0-2 start? If there are any more believer they will all be gone after this one as the Redskins complete the Texas Two Step Backwards losing to the equally inept Texans, by more then ten points.


Colts 17 Jaguars 6

The Jaguars have one of the best and most underrated defenses in the NFL, and they could shut down the Colts if Peyton Manning has an off day. However, the Colts defense is not that bad, while the Jaguars offense is not that good. Look for Peyton Manning to make the big play down the stretch as the Colts pull away late.


Dolphins 27 Titans 10

New Dolphins QB Daunte Culpepper has struggled baldy so far against the Steelers and the Bills. Badly needing a wake up call he gets one in the form of the Titans, who may be the worst team in the NFL this season. Look for the Culpepper to finally get into a rhythm as the Dolphins win easily.


Bears 24 Vikings 10

The 2-0 Vikings are flying high after two dramatic wins, losing to the Bears, who take firm control of the NFC North with a statement win on the road. Look for QB Rex Grossman to continue to play well while the Bears rough and tumble defense ands black and blue to the Vikings colors.


Bengals 20 Steelers 17

Last week Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger returned and was tossed side to side and thrown for a loop, no he was not riding a motorcycle again he was getting shutout by the Jacksonville Jaguars, this week its more cat’s play as the Bengals go into Pittsburgh and win won late behind the stellar play of Carson Palmer.


Panthers 20 Buccaneers 6

Two teams that made the playoffs with 11-5 records and were expected to be strong again this year meet in a survival match up at 0-2 with the loser’s season basically over before October. Look for the Panther to finally look like Super Bowl Contenders, while Bucs QB continues to struggle as the Panthers win by 2 scores.


Ravens 24 Browns 0

Oh it is a dark day that the Ravens have figured out how to play on the offensive side of the ball, no longer winded from being on the field half the game the Ravens defense led by Ray Lewis is rejuvenated, as they pound team after team, and batter offenses into the ground, as the Raven yells out the Browns never score.


Cardinals 27 Rams 16

The Rams were up one week down the next head to the desert and find the lows will be more common then the highs as the Rams are beaten pretty handily by the Cardinals led by former Ram Kurt Warner who will have a big game, while a sold out crowd in Arizona begins to give their team a home field advantage.


Eagles 27 49ers 24

If the Eagles experience any hangover after last week’s 4th Quarter Collapse against the Giants, they will be in trouble as the 49ers have played well so far. Look for this game to be close throughout, but in the end the Eagles talent and the play of QB Donovan McNabb will be the difference as the Eagles win on a last second field goal.


Seahawks 34 Giants 20

Unlike last week in Philly when the Giants fall behind this week, there will be no coming back as the defending NFC Champion Seahawks will look to make a statement with the debut of WR Deion Branch. Look for Branch to have an impressive debut as the Seahawks beat the Giants by two Touchdowns.


Broncos 13 Patriots 9

Both teams have not played well at all so far as the Broncos are lucky to be 1-1, while the Patriots are a fortunate 2-0. However, look deeper and you see the Broncos struggles have been on offense only, they have yet to allow a TD, and against the Pats that trend will continue as Tom Brady continues to sorely miss Deion Branch as the Broncos secondary makes it a rough night in Foxboro.


Saints 20 Falcons 17

Both teams are off to surprising 2-0 starts, and while the Falcons may in fact be for real, this is the first game in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina, and it will be hard to imagine the Saints not being extra jacked up. Look for the crowd to loud from the start as the Saints give the City of New Orleans reason to cheer, as the Superdome tries to erase the scares of a city in shambles.