2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 12-2 .857
Season Total: 36-38 .486



Giants 23 Falcons 20

The Giants defense after a poor start was dominant last week against the Redskins, this week they face a test as they try to run down Falcons QB Michael Vick, the Giants defense will hold Vick in check, as the game is close through out, before Jay Feely kicks the game winner as time expires.


Panthers 17 Ravens 10

Oh they may have Steve McNair, but he has aged a great deal so, quote the Ravens never score. On the road against the Broncos they only managed a field goal worth three this week they add a TD, but it won’t be enough as the Panthers are starting to get a head of steam and with a win in Baltimore they run their win streak to four.


Cowboys 37 Texans 17

Last week ended with T.O. stomping and pouting that Drew Bledsose could not get the ball to him enough. This week he will go off stomping his feet again, no the Cowboys won’t lose in fact they will easily win the battle of the Lone Star State, but this time TO will be upset that the word Lone Star does not refer to him.


Lions 31 Bills 20

Even in the thickest forest the blind squirrel finds an acorn, this week the Lions find a win. Coming off a 41-7 thumping at the hands of the Bears, the Lions Bills scream oh my as fall to the Lions while all of Detroit is watching the Tigers across the street from Ford Field in the ALCS.


Eagles 27 Saints 17

A month ago the City of New Orleans rejoiced as the Saints came marching home to the Super Dome. Last week those same fans were thrilled to the Saints first comeback win as Reggie Bush delivered a dramatic game winning punt return. This week they remember what disappointment feels like as the Eagles swoop in and get a win.


Seahawks 31 Rams 13

The Rams are 4-1, but are they really a good 4-1 team? With the exception of a win over the Broncos in Week 1, the combined record of the three other teams the Rams have beaten is 2-13, well that answer that Rams don’t look now, here comes earth, Seahawks come in and win big.


Benagals 24 Buccaneers 20

Bruce Gradkowski played well last week but the Buccaneers were bushwhacked by Reggie Bush, this week they get abused by another former USC Heisman Trophy winner as Carson Palmer bounces back from a poor game against the Patriots to lead the Bengals to a close road win.


Redskins 24 Titans 17

The Redskins sputtered against the Giants on the road now they come and play strong against the Titans, look for the game to remain close though out as Vince young continues to learn the ropes in the NFL. In the end the home crowd in Washington will give the Skins enough of an edge to earn a win.


Dolphins 20 Jets 17

The Jets played better then expected in their first four games before suffering a crushing loss to the Jaguars last week, this week they face the Dolphins at home but it will more pain from the Sunshine state as the Dolphins desperately looking to get on track at 1-4 gets a big upset win on the road.


Steelers 27 Chiefs 10

This is a must win for the Super Bowl Champions, at 1-3 they can feel the Lombardi Trophy slipping away, as they need a win and a good performance from struggling QB Ben Roethlisberger. This week they will get both as the beat the Chiefs still playing without QB Trent Green going away.


Chargers 34 49ers 10

Last week the 49ers emerged as the best of the bay, this week they go against their other AFC rivals from California and don’t come up as fortunate as the Chargers come in win going away with Phillip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson having strong games, while the defense continues to be among the NFL’s best.


Broncos 45 Raiders 0

For years while the Raiders were fearsome in Silver and Black they showed no mercy on their rivals, now that they are punching bags their rivals will show no mercy to them. The Broncos have allowed just1 TD all year, that number won’t change, as the Raiders will have a tough time getting past the 50.


Bears 31 Cardinals 0

Legendary Sportscaster Warner Wolf used to while showing highlights of a blowout would tell fans they could turn their sets off there when he shows the highlight of when a game became a blowout. Well the National Anthem will be the blow out pint in this one as the Bears defense allows no points.