2011 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 8-5 .615
Season No Spread: 71-32 .689
Previous Week Point Spread: 7-6 .538
Season Point Spread: 59-44 .573



Ravens 23 Cardinals 6

Last week the Ravens delivered an absolute dud performance on Monday Night against the Jaguars. The Cardinals at 1-5 have had their share of duds this year. With this game in Baltimore I expect the Ravens to come out much sharper on offense, as they have no issues on defense. As for the Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb has been a big disappointment, add the fact they are playing the early game and this does not look good for the Cards as the Ravens win easily.


Panthers 27 Vikings 20

In his debut last week Christian Ponder played well despite losing to the Packers. Cam Newton knows that line very well. Last week it all paid off for Newton as he led the Panthers to a win over the Redskins. This week it will work out again for Cam and the Panthers as the top overall pick has shown everything he is capable of and his team is now coming along, while Ponder has a while to go before the Vikings get him in their system to their liking.


Texans 24 Jaguars 13

The Jaguars are coming off the high of a Monday Night upset over the Ravens. The Texans are also coming off a high with a win over the Titans that gave them a stranglehold on the AFC South. To keep their choke hold the Texans must beat the Jaguars. I can’t see the Jags defense repeating their Monday Night performance on the road on the short week. Look for the Texans to get an early lead and coast to a 5-3 start.


Giants 27 Dolphins 10

At 0-6 the Dolphins have looked as bad as can be, especially during their collapse last week against the Broncos. The Giants have had trouble in the past off bye weeks, but after losing at home earlier in the season to the Seahawks you have to expect them to be on guard. Dolphins QB Matt Moore does not seem capable of having a big game, while Eli Manning should be able to exploit the Dolphins weak secondary for an easy win at home.


Saints 38 Rams 13

Last week against a winless Colts team the Saints won 62-7. Facing the winless Rams they must be salivating at the fact they can do it again. The Rams defense has been terrible all year last week getting gashed by Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray. The Saints will easily score in this game as they should win this game comfortably, especially if the Rams continue to play without QB Sam Bradford who is nursing a high ankle sprain.


Titans 31 Colts 16

Both teams are coming off dreadful performances last week. For the Titans who have aspirations to win the division this is a must win against the winless Colts. The only thing the Colts hope for is this nightmare season to end. Titans RB Chris Johnson has not had a very good year so far, but with the banged up Colts defense it could be a good time for him to get on track as the Titans add to the Colts misery with an easy win.


Bills 24 Redskins 20

The Bills lost a close one two weeks ago before the bye, the Redskins have lost two straight off their bye so this game is a must win for both teams to get back on track. The Redskins besides losing games have been banged up losing TE Chris Coley and RB Tim Hightower. The Bills rested need to just avoid the bye hangover , which they will as they get back into the grove ahead of a big divisional showdown with the Jets next week.


Lions 27 Broncos 7

The Lions have a bit of a road bump with two straight losses. The Broncos return home with Tim Tebow after a miracle comeback in Miami. Against Ndamukong Suh who eats Quarterbacks for breakfast the spinoramas and funky style Tebow displayed against the pathetic Dolphins are the recipe for disaster. Tebow will be lucky if he walks off the field in one piece. If somehow Tim Tebow and the Broncos win, then maybe he is some sort of miracle worker.


Patriots 31 Steelers 17

Last year the Patriots went into Pittsburgh and played their best game of the season and beat the Black and gold 39-26. Coming off a bye with two weeks to prepare, you would expect the Patriots to be at their sharpest. The Steelers despite a solid 5-2 record have not played that great, and against strong teams they have lost. Expect the same this week as the Patriots who seem to play better at Heinz Field than at home against the Steelers win in the Burgh again.


49ers 20 Browns 6

Last week in a win over the Seahawks, the Browns took football back to the Stone Age with a performance that can challenge the art of watching paint dry. The 49ers are 5-1 and coming off a bye week. The question is can they get back on track right away? The 49ers should be able to win this game easily, but often should and do are two different things. The Browns though just don’t have enough offense to get the upset here.


Seahawks 24 Bengals 13

The Seahawks are facing a team from the Buckeye state for the second week in a row. Last week on the road they played an unwatchable 6-3 loss to the Browns. Back home they face a surprising 4-2 Bengals team coming off a bye. The coming of the bye is the key, for the Bengals rely heavily on rookies who are not experienced in the bye week bounce back. Add the 12th man for the Seahawks and you have the makings of a letdown for the Bengals. Look for the Seahawks to get the win at home.


Eagles 27 Cowboys 17

Two teams that have been an enigma meet in an almost survival game for the NFC East. At 3-3 the Cowboys have at the mercy of QB Tony Romo, who has heroically won games, and befuddling thrown games away. The Eagles meanwhile coming of the bye week have been disappointing at 2-4, a loss to the Cowboys would be two home losses in the division which could be crippling. With the bye week to get health one should expect Michael Vick to have a strong game and lead the desperate Eagles to a win, as Romo will have trouble against the Eagles secondary.


Chiefs 24 Chargers 20

The Chiefs looked to be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes as they lost their first two games in ugly blowouts. The Chiefs played better in their third game but lost on the road to the Chargers. Now in a rematch with the Chargers, the Chiefs have won their last three games and can tie for the division lead with a win. The Chiefs played their best game of the season shutting out the Raiders on the road, while the Chargers melted down in the Meadowlands. On Monday Night look for more bewildering agitation as the Chargers blunder another one away to the Chiefs.