2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 6-8 .429
Season Total: 57-57 .500



Bengals 20 Ravens 13

If the Bengals lose this one, they will be two games out of first in the AFC North an in jeopardy of missing the playoffs. This means its time for Ocho Cinco to put up or shut up. The Ravens defense is quite capable of shutting the Bengals down, but their offensive is not good enough to keep up with the Bengals who win by a TD.


Bills 24 Packers 13

The Packers have won two in a row of the weakest links in the NFL, the Bills are not much stronger but it’s hard to imagine the Packers winning a third straight. Look for Brett Favre to struggle as the Bills coming off a bye week are a step quicker as the win going away.


Bears 34 Dolphins 0

Last week the Dolphins scored zero points, this week they will score the same. Only last week they were off, this week it’s Soldier Field in the Windy City and Brian Urlacher. The Dolphins never fair well in Chicago to begin with, but since they have already quit as a team they will do even worse as they are humiliated again.


Lions 24 Falcons 20

Flacons QB Michael Vick has looked great two weeks in a row, as the Falcons have feasted on two AFC North powerhouses. Now against the lowly Lions it will be hard to imagine him not having another great game. That’s precisely why he will struggle, Vick’s entire career has been filled with clunkers when you least expect it, just call it a gut feeling.


Jaguars 17 Titans 6

Can David Garrard be better then Byron Leftwich? He played well in injury relief last year and helped the Jaguars win in Philly last week, so the signs are certainly there. Look for Gerard to continue to win as the Jaguars defense crushes Vince Young and the Titans at home.


Giants 34 Texans 10

Look for another apology from Texans QB David Carr who spends more time on his back then on his feet as the Giants stay red hot and win their fourth straight. Look for the Giants to have the game locked up early as they look forward to a primetime match up next week against the Bears


Rams 27 Chiefs 17

It’s the Show Me State Showdown, and the stake could not be higher both teams are 4-3 and can go either way, as they reach the season’s midpoint. Unfortunately for the Chiefs Trent Green is still out and the game is in St. Louis. Look for a strong game from Stephan Jackson as the Rams win by 10.


Buccaneers 24 Saints 17

When they last met the Saints were fortunate to win on Reggie Bush Punt return at home. Now in Tampa the Buccaneers will get the win, as Bush’s ankle is spicy and shaky, and the Saints great start is close to its trip back to Earth, look for the Saints to lose their second in a row.


Cowboys 27 Redskins 10

Two weeks ago Drew Bledsoe was benched by the Cowboys likely seeing the field, or in his case eating the turf for the final time, as Tony Romo looks like the right man to lead the Cowboys. Now its Redskins QB Mark Brunnel’s turn to say good bye, as he will surely be heading for the bench, after another poor performance, against the Cowboys.


49ers 24 Vikings 20

Last week the 49ers were humiliated in Chicago as they trailed by 24 points before they even got warmed up. While, the Vikings were not ready for football on Monday Night, losing to the Patriots by 24. The Vikings should be expected to bounce back while the 49ers lose again, nope I smell upset just call it a gut feeling part deux.


Broncos 20 Steelers 6

The Steelers season is now a stage three disaster, from the moment Ben Roethlisberger forget his motorcycle nothing has gone right and nothing will continue to go right as the Broncos defense after a bad game against the Colts bounces back and makes a big statement on the road putting to rest the Steelers playoff hopes.


Chargers 38 Browns 10

Look for Browns to thunderstruck as the Chargers run up and down the field behind the running of LaDainian Tomlinson, while the Chargers defense shuts down the non existent offense of the Brown, this one will not even be close.


Patriots 27 Colts 17

Last year the Colts finally figured out a way to win in Foxboro, but at the time the Patriots were struggling, now the Pats are playing their best football since 2004 and appear to be a force again. Look for the Colts unbeaten ride to come to an end in New England as the Pats shine in primetime again.


Seahawks 24 Raiders 13

Injuries have ravaged the Seahawks, but as he showed last week in a loss Seneca Wallace is not a bad back up look for Wallace to shine on Monday Night as the 12th man helps the Seahawks but the Raiders back on the road to loserville, as 98 yards total offense wont cut it this week.