Luka’s Night

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On Tuesday night the New York Knicks traveled to Texas to take on last year’s Western Conference Finalists, in the Dallas Mavericks. The Knicks have been a bit of a pleasant surprise this season, as Jalen Brunson seems to have rounded out the roster. Brunson returned to the arena, the place he made a name for himself at, but was unable to play in the game due to injury. In any case, this game was about one man who did play, and played well.

Luka Doncic has a franchise high, 60 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists. Doncic also improbably made the game tying basket to force the contest into overtime off a missed free throw. Julius Randle had 29 points and 18 rebounds in the loss.

Doncic’s full box score secured Dallas’ 4th straight win, as they slowly climb in the Western Conference standings. The 23 year old not only made Maverick history, but also NBA history as he is now the 1st person in the league to record a 60-20-10 game. The Knicks will keep the Texas trip going as they’ll head to San Antonio now, while the Mavs will await inner-state rival in the Rockets on Thursday,