Anderson Packers

First Game Played November 1946 Final Game Played April 6, 1950
Logo 1946-1950

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1946/47: Founded by brothers Ike W. Duffey and John B. Duffey, the Anderson Packers were a part of the industrial National Basketball League. The Duffey Brothers had just purchased the Hughes-Curry Packing Co, which was one of the largest meatpacking companies in Indiana. Anderson Packers were also called the Anderson Duffey Packers and the Chief Anderson Meat Packers for the company’s Indian head logo, which doubled as the team’s logo. Coached by Murray Mendenhall, the Packers would post a record of 24-20 in their inaugural season.

1947/48: The Packers showed significant improvement in their second season, posting a record of 42-18 as they made the playoffs in the NBL while finishing second in the Eastern Division. In the playoffs, the Packers had a successful start, sweeping the Syracuse Nationals, but would fall to the Rochester Royals in the semifinals two games to one.

1948/49: The Anderson Duffey Packers continued to improve as several of the NBL’s top teams joined the rival Basketball Association of America. The Packers would capture a division title by posting a league-best record of 49-15. In the playoffs, the Packers would again trump the Syracuse Nationals, winning a best of five series 3-1 to reach the NBL Finals. The Finals would also go in favor of the Packers as the swept the Oshkosh All-Stars in three straight games to claim would what be the final National Basketball League Championship. Following the season, the NBL would merge with the BAA and form the National Basketball Association.

1949/50: Upon joining the reminted the NBA, the Anderson Packers were a small fish swimming in an increasingly large pond. The Packers would rotate through three coaches Howie Schultz, Ike Duffey, and Doxie Moore, and played competitive basketball most of the season to finish second in the Western Division with a record 37-27. Frankie, “The Flash” Brian, was the unquestioned star of the team, averaging 17.8 points per game. In the playoffs, the Packers continued their solid play winning three-game series against NBL alumnus Tri-Cities Blackhawks and Indianapolis Olympians. However, in the NBA Semifinals, the Packers would be overmatched by the Minneapolis Lakers, who won both games easily on the way to an NBA Championship. Despite their success, the Packers would withdraw from the NBA after one season. They would play a final season in the National Professional Basketball League, along with other NBL teams that were unhappy with the merger. The NPBL would last just one season and would never host a championship.

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