Name: Carl Storck
President: 1939-1941
Born: January 22, 1887
Died: November 15, 1967
Occupations: Player, Coach, Executive

Carl Storck

NFL President 1939-1941

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Profile: Born on January 22, 1887 Carl Storck was a local football hero in Dayton, Ohio, staring for St. Mary’s College (now know as Dayton University), after graduating Storck continued on a semi-pro team, with some other local players and college teammates. They also organized a football team that won the city and Southern Ohio championships in 1913.

Eventually this semipro team would get sponsors and would dominate Ohio’s football scene as the Dayton Triangles. Strock would take over as the team’s manager in 1918, and led them into the newly established American Professional Football Association in 1920, a year late Strock became the new league’s treasurer.

While the APFA became the NFL in 1922, Carl Storck serving as the league’s treasurer also continued to run the Dayton Triangles now coaching the team as well. Storck would coach the Triangles until 1926. The Triangles would have trouble competing in the increasingly competitive NFL, and Storck would eventual sell them in 1930, as they moved to Brooklyn and became the Dodgers.

Storck would remain closely tied with the NFL as the league’s treasurer until 1939, when he became the President of the NFL upon the death of Joseph Carr. He would serve the role on an interim basis until a permanent President was found in April of 1941.

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