Last Week: 7-7 .500
Season Total: 68-41-4 .624

Jets 20 Chiefs 17

The Jets are due for a little bit of a let down after a great win in New Orleans last week. Coming home they struggle to beat the inept Chiefs.


Dolphins 24 Colts 20

Look for a close game to be decided by turnovers, and so far this year Colts QB has been prone to them, and they have been costly too.


Patriots 27 Bills 17

With each passing week as Back up QB performs well, more Patriots fans begin asking Drew Who?

Rams 34 Panthers 20

The Rams should be able to score at will, but a 17.5 spread is too high for a team who’s defense is shaky at times.


Falcons 27 Cowboys 13

Cowboys Clint Stoener plays like his name suggest Stoned, the Cowboys may have a tough time beating Georgia Tech let alone the Falcons.


Buccaneers 17 Lions 13

The Bucs will seat it out, as their offense continues to struggle. There is even a possibility they will lose, if that happens the Dungy Watch will begin in Tampa.


Bears 24 Packers 21

Game of the Week: The Bears are beginning to have the look of a team of fate after incredible 4th Quarter Comebacks, and OT wins in consecutive weeks. This week they will rap it up at the end of regulation.


Steelers 20 Browns 13

Last weeks stunning loss is the type that could have a lasting effect on a young team like the Browns.


Bengals 20 Jaguars 17

The banged up Jaguars continue to have their season slip away as they lose another must win game to a division opponent.


Broncos 27 Chargers 24

The Broncos secondary has looked like Swiss cheese at times this year. Don’t be surprised if the Chargers even win this one.


Eagles 21 Vikings 17

The Eagles have had a tough time scoring at home on the terrible surface of Veterans Stadium. Expect the same this week as the Vikings keep it close.


Saints 27 49ers 21

The wrong team is favored in this game the Saints are the better team, and they are even better on the road.


Giants 21 Cardinals 17

XFL Sinker of the Week: The Giants have not played a full 4 quarters of football in a few weeks. If they fall behind by 17 points this week they will lose.


Seahawks 27 Raiders 24

Upset of the Week: The Seahawks have a knack for beating the Raiders in Seattle. With this being their last season in the AFC West they get one more for the road.


Titans 16 Ravens 13

The Titans need this one to keep hopes for the postseason alive. They are due for a big game, and this is it as they get revenge form last years playoffs.