2001 4caster Frank’s Weekly Picks

Last Week: 2-0 1.000
Playoffs: 5-5 .500
Regular Season Total: 139-98-4 .586
Grand Total: 144-103-4 .583


Rams 59 Patriots 17

The Patriots make the Super Bowl with a young back up QB, while the old veteran recovers from injuries. Throughout the playoffs each QB had a hand in the teams victories. The Patriots opponents dominated the NFC all season and were clearly heading to the Super Bowl in New Orleans as early as October. Now I am not talking about Super Bowl XXXVI, I’m talking about Super Bowl XX, which was one of the biggest mismatches, and blowouts in Super Bowl history. The parallels between then and now are scary, and it looks like we are heading down that path, again, and with Rams offense the score could even be bigger then the Bears 46-1o mauling of New England 16 years ago. For the Patriots being blown out in Championship games is nothing new add a 51-10 loss in the 1963 AFL Championship Game, and the utterly forgettable Super Bowl XXXI 14-point loss. The fact is the Rams are the better team, and the Patriots benefited from an easy scheduled. The Patriots should have not beaten the Raiders, or the Steelers. Last week the Patriots score 14-points on special teams, they wont be able to this against the Rams. The Patriots won’t be able to stop the Rams either weather its Marshall Faulk of Kurt Warner the Rams offense will be at full throttle. However, you should not feel sorry for the Patriots, they made the Super Bowl with 6-10 talent, and make no mistake they will return to the 6-10 record they truly are next year. Feel sorry for the city of New Orleans who has now had to endure 3 awful Super Bowl Appearances by the ultimate Super Bowl Patsies.