4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Regular Season Total: 139-98-4 .586
Grand Total: 140-101-4 .581
Last Week: 1-3.250

Division Playoffs


Raiders 27 Patriots 20

The wetaher will not be a factor, in this one as Patriots dream season comes to an end. The Readers veterans have been here before, while for many Pats this is a first trip to the playoffs. In addition the Raiders are the more talented, better coached team.


Ravens 16 Steelers 13

The Ravens have flipped the switch, and are back to playing the ball that won them the Super Bowl last year. In the end it will come down to kicking and the Steelers PK Kris Brown will miss a big FG or two.


Eagles 17 Bears 13

In the end this game between to string defenses will come down to experience, this will be the 4th playoff game for the Eagles in 2 years, while for the Bears its the first in 7 years. In addition the Eagles were one of the best road teams all year.


Rams 41 Packers 38

Just sit back and watch the sparks fly, as the two best QBs in the NFL light up the scoreboard. Don’t be surprised if this one goes to OT, where the Rams score on the first possession.