2014 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 8-8 .500
Total No Spread: 26-22 .542
Previous Week With Spread: 6-10 .375
Total With Spread: 21-27 .438



Redskins 27 Giants 24

After last week’s Thursday Night blowout we may finally have a good one this week as the two old NFC East rivals meet with both teams hoping to get to .500. Last week both teams played well as the Giants got a big game from Rashad Jennings to win their first game, while the Redskins lost a shootout in Philly. Kirk Cousins has been terrific since taking over for RGIII and I see him having another strong game. Eli Manning should also do well against the Redskins shaky defense. This one will be close, but I give the edge to home team by a Field Goal.


Panthers 17 Ravens 13

The two teams with the biggest domestic violence headlines meet in a game that could have given the NFL a major headache and more bad press if Ray Rice and Greg Hardy were active for the game. The Ravens need more in this game than the Panthers will with Hardy as the Carolina defense is vulnerable to the run, something that is missing in the Baltimore arsenal. The Panthers defense is strong against the pass and should be able to force Joe Flacco into making a mistake as they get a solid road win.


Packers 34 Bears 24

All over Wisconsin fans of the Green Bay Packers are nervously chewing their cheese head hats as the Packers have played poorly in losing two of their first three games. The offense has been sloppy with Eddie Lacy fumbling and Aaron Rodgers has not been sharp. Rodgers has one word for nervous Packers fans “Relax”. The Bears secondary is banged up and if Aaron Rodgers is to have a big game this will be it. Aaron Rodgers has always played well in Solider Field and again will do so this week as the Pack bounce back and get their season on track.


Bills 10 Texans 9

Two 2-0 teams that got exposed last week and lost their first game meet with in Houston. This one promises to be quite a low scoring game, as the Bills and Texans both have strong defenses and questionable offenses. The Texans run defense is not as good as its pass defense, and the Bills can run the ball. Ryan Fitzpatrick meanwhile is starting against his former team. The more teams know Fitzparick the easier it is to stop him, these two facts will lead to the Bills winning on the road.


Colts 38 Titans 17

Other than their Week 1 win over the Chiefs, the Titans have looked awful on both sides of the ball. They don’t have a strong running game and Jake Locker is mediocre at best at quarterback while their defense has been shredded the last two week by the Cowboys and Bengals. Despite dropping their first two games the Colts have been strong on offense so far and will have no problem putting up another big number against the Titans to reach .500.


Lions 31 Jets 20

The Jets should have won on Monday Night, but Geno Smith struggled badly with two interceptions one leading to a pick six one in the endzone. Smith was particularly bad in the redzone as the Jets scored just one Touchdown on six trips inside the 20. Fans of Gang Green are beginning to call for Michael Vick. Those calls will get louder as they drop a second straight home game, with the Lions tall receivers led by Calvin Johnson having a field day against the Jets secondary.


Raiders 27 Dolphins 10

The Miami Dolphins are a big fat mess and a loss in this game and the house of cards can come crashing down. The defense is mad at the defensive coordinator’s schemes. Coach Joe Philbin is considering benching QB Ryan Tannehill who is looking more like a bust each day. Dan Marino is criticizing all for airing their dirty laundry especially at Philbin for his handling of Tannehill. It all ends up on Joe Philbin who more and more like the worst in the NFL. A loss in London against the Raiders will be the first domino in what could end up with Jim Harbaugh taking his Kakis to South Beach.


Steelers 37 Buccaneers 17

The bright spot for the Buccaneers is that they could not possibly play worse than they did last week and cannot be embarrassed as bad as they were in losing 56-14 on Thursday Night Football. The bad news is the Steelers will lay a big fat beat down just the same. Last week the Steelers running game was at its best with LaVeon Bell and LaGarrett Blount each having big games against the Panthers. When the Steelers get their rushing game playing at the top level they are hard to beat and the Bucs looks like they cant even beat them if I was running in Black and Yellow.


Chargers 31 Jaguars 16

The Blake Bortles era is underway in Jacksonville, as the third overall pick in the NFL Draft gets his first start. Last week Bortles was up and down against the Colts, throwing two interceptions and two touchdowns in garbage time. The Chargers have been solid so far picking up from their strong finish last season, they have sustained some key injuries to the running game, but that should not matter here. Blake Bortles should be good, but the Jaguars defense has been bad and in a game like this it is hard to imagine them winning on the road.


Falcons 31 Vikings 20

The only worry for the Falcons here is getting to fat off their 56-14 win over the Buccaneers. The Vikings are now completely relying on a rookie Quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater, as Adrian Peterson’s career sits in limbo. Bridgewater may be a fine quarterback, but I doubt he can put up the numbers that the Falcons have put up so far this season.


Eagles 34 49ers 30

One team has been magical in the second half the other has been downright awful. Through their first three games the 49ers have been outscored 55-3 after halftime, while the Eagles have overcome double digit deficits to win their first three games. The 49ers have are on pace to collect more flags than those on display at the United Nations. So here is how this game goes 49ers breakout early lead 20-3 midway through the second quarter, but the Eagles get a TD before the half. The Nines and Eagles battle in the third and after trailing 30-20 in the final ten minutes the Eagles win.


Saints 45 Cowboys 24

The Cowboys simply can’t stop Drew Brees. In the last two seasons he has simply had his way with them including a 49 point smack down last year at the Superdome. Even with this game in Dallas, I see more of the same. The Cowboys allowed 31 points last week to Austin Davis and despite their 2-1 start they have not been a strong home team since AT&T Stadium opened. I see Brees lighting up Jerry’s World again as the Saints win going away.


Patriots 21 Chiefs 17

Tom Brady has looked ordinary in his first three games, despite the Patriots 2-1 start. The Chiefs are coming off a strong road win in Miami. The Chiefs though still have several injury concerns and against the Patriots it’s hard to imagine Knile Davis will have another 100 yard game. The Chiefs should get a boost from the home crown on a Monday Night, but the Chiefs only beat terrible teams like the Dolphins and don’t stand a chance against the Patriots.