2015 Forecaster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 10-4 .714
Total No Spread: 60-31 .659
Previous Week With Spread: 7-7 .500
Total With Spread: 50-41 .558



Seahawks 24 49ers 13

Both of these teams sit at 2-4 and are on the verge of having their seasons implode. The Seahawks have been bad in the fourth quarter, blowing fourth quarter leads in three of four losses and being rescued by an official’s error from another fourth quarter collapse. They have yet to recover from their Super Bowl WTF play call and are now having trouble off the field as well. The 49ers coming off a win have played better the last few weeks can get in the playoff race with a win, but their recent history against Seattle is bad. The Seahawks meanwhile are too good to continue to be this terrible.


Bills 13 Jaguars 9

It’s another early wakeup call with the Jacksonville-London Jaguars playing their annual game in England against the Bills. This game is the first ever to be exclusively streamed on yahoo. So a football fan that may not know much about streaming will wake up at 7 AM in Idaho to watch these two teams play, rather than sleep in. Yeah this won’t crash the net like the Star Wars trailer, in fact this game is more like watching Jar Jar’s Holiday special. The Bills offense stinks, the Jaguars need to reboot at quarterback and neither team is going anywhere though I am sure Rex will like to bow before the Queen and get a close look at her feet.


Lions 23 Vikings 17

This rivalry has been split down the middle since 2010, with the home team usually recording a win. In Week 2 the Vikings defeated the Lions 26-16 in Minnesota, now in Detroit they are looking to avenge last year’s season sweep. The Lions have played better than their 1-4 record suggests and the Vikings have not won on the road yet this season. With Matthew Stafford coming off his best game of the season and the Vikings offense sputtering in recent weeks, I see that trend continuing as the Lions win again.


Colts 31 Saints 17

The Colts had their chances to beat the Patriots last Sunday Night as they were just down by six points when Chuck Pagano borrowed Coach Klein’s playbook and lined up for a fake punt with no blockers and a wall of Patriot defenders over the ball. Why did Pagano do it remains a mystery maybe he borrowed some of Steve Sarkisian’s special Gatorade reserve when he made the call. If he avoids more calls like that this week the Colts should win easily as they appear to be on the verge of hitting their stride, and against a Saints defense that is not very good I look for Andrew Luck to have a big game at home.


Chiefs 24 Steelers 13

Don’t know how they do it sometimes, but the 4-2 Steelers seem to do just enough to win most games, even though they have been hit hard by injuries, while the Chiefs are on life support at 1-5. The Steelers will use third string quarterback Landry Jones in this game after his outstanding relief appearance last week for an injured Michael Vick. The Chiefs played well last week in Minnesota but again fell three points short, losing their fifth game in a row. The Steelers have stolen the last two wins, the Chiefs are usually stronger at home. Arrowhead Stadium is a tough place for road teams, especially for third string quarterbacks. I sense an upset in this one.


Dolphins 27 Texans 13

It was like night and day for the Dolphins as they came out of the bye week looking like the team they were expected to be when the season started as they crushed the Titans on the road 38-10. Interim Coach Dan Campbell has seemed to have taken a team that was going through the motions in the first four games to a team with spirit and fire. Returning home I see them continue to show hunger and desire to get back to .500 with another impressive win over an equally disappointing Texans team, whose defense has been mediocre as thus far J.J. Watt has done nothing but squat after a near MVP season last year.


Patriots 31 Jets 10

The force is strong with Coach Bill Belichick that has become apparent, sadly it is because he is a Sith Master that is expert as using Jedi Mind tricks to get opposing coaches to make decisions that confuse and confound everyone watching. He used it to get Pete Carroll to pass in the Super Bowl and again last week when the Colts did that fake punt, which had the code name Whisky Tango Foxboro. Against an inexperienced Padawan like Todd Bowles, Belichick will have no problems creating more havoc. Look for the Patriots to exposes the Jets week underpinnings and win easily at Foxboro.


Rams 20 Browns 16

If there is a way to snatch defeat from the clutches of victory the Browns will find it. Offside on missed Field Goal, a 12th man on the field on a failed fourth down attempt, the Browns have done both this year. Of course they won on a butt catch, but no matter what the unexpected seems to happen when they take the field. The Rams are equally unpredictable beating an unbeaten Cardinals team one week, and being beaten by a terrible Redskins team in another week. With this game in St. Louis, I give the advantage to the Rams, who also have a better defense that will likely give Josh McCown fits.


Falcons 27 Titans 10

The Falcons coming off a loss in the Superdome against the rival Saints are looking to get back on track against a Titans team that was embarrassed at home last week against the Dolphins. Not only were the Titans embarrassed they were roughed up, as rookie Quarterback Marcus Mariotta suffered a sprained knee and is questionable to play with a knee sprain. The Titans would have a tough time winning this one even if Mariota was healthy. Look for the Falcons to get back on track in Music City.


Redskins 27 Buccaneers 17

Two teams looking to escape the clutches of last place meet at FedEx Field with a chance to get into the playoff chase. The Redskins have had their flashes this year, winning two home game already, while nearly beating the Falcons in Atlanta. The Buccaneers meanwhile at 2-3 have only beaten teams that are just as bad as them or worse than they are. The Bucs are also coming off a bye and have a rookie quarterback in Jameis Winston. This sets up for a nice win for the Redskins as the Bucs though improving have a long way to go.


Chargers 37 Raiders 20

Last week Philip Rivers torched the Packers defense for 503 yards passing, but when the game was on the line failed to get the tying score at Lambeau Field. At 2-4 the Chargers season is on the brink. If they are to have any hope of making the playoffs they need to be the Raiders. The Raiders have made some strides, but they still have a long way to go before being able to climb back to respectability. I see Rivers having another big day, and this time it will come with the reward of a win at home over their division rivals.


Giants 27 Cowboys 16

Sometimes a team coming off a hard Monday Night loss could be flat the following. That should not be an issue for the Giants as they took the second half off last week in Philadelphia. The Cowboys meanwhile, coming off a bye hope to get Dez Bryant on the field as Matt Cassel takes over for the ineffective Brandon Weeden. However, if Cassel was effective himself he would not keep bouncing around the league like a ping pong ball. The Giants have some injury issues themselves but at home against the Cowboys I think we see a big game from big blue with a chance to crush the spirits of their hobbled rivals from Dallas.


Panthers 27 Eagles 13

No team is flying higher than the Panthers entering Week 7 as they sit at 5-0 coming off a comeback win over the Seahawks on the road. The win over Seattle helps the Panthers exercise some demons as the Seahawks eliminated them in the playoffs last year and beat them three times in two years. Cam Newton has played at a MVP level and the Panthers defense has begun to solidify. With a Sunday Night home game against the Eagles coming up, I see them seeing a chance to shine and winning by two touchdowns.


Cardinals 37 Ravens 17

This game is for the birds as the struggling Ravens come in at 1-5 to face the Cardinals who despite a loss last week have been the best team in the NFC West. The Ravens defense looks lost with Terrell Suggs and were lucky to win the one game they won. The Cardinals offense should be able to continue this trend and run up and down the field, as the Ravens who have spent more time on the west coast than some famous actors fall again.