2017 Forecaster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 11-3 .786
Total No Spread: 90-56 .616
Previous Week With Spread: 7-7 .500
Total With Spread: 64-82 .438



Steelers 24 Titans 16

The Pittsburgh Steelers slept walk on Sunday and were still able to come up with a fortunate win against the hapless Colts. The Tennessee Titans also needed a late rally by Marcus Mariota to shake off a challenge from the Bengals. Mariota has proven to be a solid fourth quarter quarterback, but in primetime on the road at Heinz Field, is a tough task even for Tom Brady. Look for the Steelers to shine once again under the lights.


Lions 20 Bears 13

Through five weeks the reviews are in for Chicago Bears rookie quarterback and they are not good. Mike Francesca says, “He Stink”, Siskel and Ebert Gives it two thumbs down, saying we show more life than the Bears offense. The Detroit Lions tried to lose at home last week to the Browns and could be in the mood to do that again, but the Bears offense just can’t move the ball and that is all the Lions need to get the win in this divisional game.


Jaguars 27 Browns 10

The Jacksonville Jaguars are proof that you don’t always need a quarterback to win, as long as you have a strong running game and a great defense, even Blake Bortles can do just enough to win some games. The Cleveland Browns don’t have any of the above requirements and have a coach that every week seems to make at least one baffling play call that either leaves points off the board or gives up something to the opposing team. The Browns lose games like Charlie Browns loses kites to that pesky tree.


Ravens 22 Packers 13

Last week the Green Bay Packers won their first game under Brett Hundley, giving fans a glimmer of hope. That glimmer will be false hope as the win was more due to the ineptness of the Bears than the skill of the Packers backup single caller. The Baltimore Ravens are coming off a bye and need a win desperately as they have been widely inconsistent all season. By putting extra pressure on Hundley, the Ravens should get the win in Lambeau as the Packers are not the same without Aaron Rodgers.


Cardinals 24 Texans 16

Tom Savage versus Blaine Gabbert that is why we watch the NFL. A second-string quarterback that does not know how much he sucks against a journeyman who knows he sucks and laughs because somehow he is still in the league. The Texans defense is also banged up and the Cardinals at least have Adrian Peterson to carry the ball, plus Larry Fitzgerald should be able to make some plays by himself against the awful Houston secondary.


Buccaneers 11 Dolphins 7

Oh, have these teams been blown off course since Hurricane Irma forced them to give up their bye weeks and sit out Week 1. The Miami Dolphins have given away their top running back, while Jay Cutler steals $10 million with an awful brand of quarterbacking. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers meanwhile have sunk in the NFC South, as Jameis Winston regressed before being shut down for a shoulder injury, though inside sources say he may have bitten off one of his own fingers giving a motivational speech. Another game that will certainly be painful to watch.


Vikings 24 Rams 20

Last season Case Keenum began the season as the starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, before making way for top pick Jared Goff. With the Minnesota Vikings, he was expected to just hold the job until Teddy Bridgewater was ready to return. However, Keenum has made his case to stay with a series of strong performances to lead the Vikings to a 7-2 record. Facing his former team, the Rams, who also have excelled Keenum will get a small measure of revenge as the Vikings win a close one thanks to the edge on defense against a west coast team in the early game.


Saints 31 Redskins 13

If you did not believe the New Orleans Saints were for real before, you better see it now after they went into Buffalo and destroyed the Bills. The Saints are not relying solely on Drew Brees either as they have a vastly improved defense and a solid running attack led by Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram Jr. The Washington Redskins have ridden the same track to mediocrity meanwhile as Kirk Cousins occasionally finds a way to win one, but the rest of his team has been lacking. Look for the Saints run to continue in the Superdome.


Chiefs 48 Giants 10

The Kansas City Chiefs were struggling before their bye week losing three of their last four games. Despite this, they remain one of the top teams in the AFC thanks to a 4-0 start. The New York Giants meanwhile are already checked out and on vacation as they have quit on Coach Ben McAdoo, who has fans and the New York media knocking on his door with pitchforks and torches. The situation is as ugly as that slicked back hair McAdoo wears, the Giants are not going to win another game unless they change coaches, especially against a solid team like the Chiefs.


Chargers 20 Bills 10

The Buffalo Bills are exhausted. They’ve been down this losing road a thousand times. It’s never looked so strange; Tyrod Tylor has been benched. The faces…so cold. In the distance, a child is crying. Fatherless…a bastard child, perhaps. A streaker darts out as fans hearts break, but on the field, is a new hope wearing Himalayan Walking Shoes its Nathan Peterman at quarterback. The Los Angeles Chargers meanwhile could be without Phillip Rivers who is concussion protocol, meaning it could be Kellen Clemens, who still you have to imagine will be better than N. Peterman.


Broncos 16 Bengals 12

A pair of disappointing teams meets at Mile High, with the Denver Broncos on a five-game losing streak, while the Cincinnati Bengals have not been much better. Both teams are 3-6 and looking at a lost season. The Broncos just can’t find any consistency at quarterback and now their defense is struggling, while Andy Dalton continues to be Andy Dalton while the Bengals undisciplined play hurts them in different ways each week. The Bengals discipline will be an issue once again as they get flustered in Denver, allowing the Broncos to breakthrough.


Raiders 34 Patriots 30

Tom Brady needs to beware, jersey hounds are all around as the New England Patriots face the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City. While Tom Brady’s jersey has been south of the border, the rest of the team are new to this atmosphere and new to this altitude, which at 7,382 feet is higher than Denver. The Raiders have always been popular in Mexico and will have their best home field crowd of the season. The Patriots may not lose many games the rest of the way and could be on their way to number six, but this game is made for them to lose.


Eagles 27 Cowboys 17

With a win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night, the Philadelphia Eagles could all but wrap up the division title. The Cowboys are now out of appeals and will be without Ezekiel Elliott for the second straight week. However, the biggest loss was that of Tyron Smith on the offensive, whom the Cowboys hope returns this week. Last season when the Cowboys were 100% the Eagles gave them fits in Dallas, with the Eagles flying high and rested off the bye, it could be bye bye to the Dallas playoff hopes as the Eagles fly away with the NFC East.


Falcons 30 Seahawks 20

Over the last few years, the Seattle Seahawks have dealt with their share of injuries, but none have been as big as the one suffered by Richard Sherman last Thursday. Sherman is the leader of the Legion of Boom and has been the heart and soul of their defense. The Atlanta Falcons look like they are about to get rolling after a big win over the Cowboys last week. Look for the Falcons to fly away with a win in Seattle.