2019 Forecaster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 8-6 .571
Total No Spread: 57-48-1 .543
Previous Week With Spread: 6-8 .429
Total With Spread: 43-63 .406



Vikings 26 Redskins 9

The NFL’s 100th season has been a dud, and could, in fact, be its worst season ever. As we reach the midway point, we have a week of games that are devoid of any sizzle as there are no real classic matchups. It starts on Thursday Night with the dreadful Washington Redskins facing the Minnesota Vikings. Let’s call this one the Kirk Cousins Bowl. This game will be as thrilling as Cousins’ mediocre career as the Vikings win easily.


Seahawks 34 Falcons 13

The Atlanta Falcons are broken, and there is nothing anyone can do to fix it, other than blow it up and start again. It is clear the Falcons will never recover from 28-3, as the defense on this team could not stop a team from Pop Warner from marching up the field and scoring, while their offense hands out footballs like its Halloween candy. The Seattle Seahawks, meanwhile, have actually played better away from home and will win this one easily.


Eagles 20 Bills 17

The Philadelphia Eagles have had the dropsies lately as they have turned the ball over seven times in the last two games. The Buffalo Bills are the NFL’s surprise team at 5-1, and they are winning on a defense that can force turnovers. The Bills are also winning despite less than stellar numbers on offense. Eventually, that will catch up with Buffalo. Look for the Eagles to get the road win here as Carson Wentz is able to outplay Josh Allen.


Bears 17 Chargers 13

In a battle of teams that have underachieved look for the Chicago Bears to silence the boos for at least one game, as their defense should be able to harass Phillip Rivers into making the critical turnovers. Rivers has been less than stellar all season as the Chargers offense has been the reason behind their 2-5 start. Look for that trend to continue with Khalil Mack on the attack.


Lions 31 Giants 16

With a little luck, the Detroit Lions could be 5-1, as they have played better than their 2-3-1 mark suggests. The Lions have played well on defense, last week notwithstanding. Look for them to cause enough problems for the New York Giants that once again, their defense is on the field too long, and that is when the weak underbelly of the Big Blue is indeed exposed.


Colts 27 Broncos 17

Andrew Who? That is what they are asking, as Jacoby Brissett as the Indianapolis Colts in first place at 4-2. Brissett has played well when the Colts need him, as he had four touchdowns against the Texans last week. The Colts have also ridden a strong rushing attack led by Marlon Mack. The Denver Broncos meanwhile had not shined at all, as Joe Flacco has struggled, while the defense has been disappointing.


Jaguars 23 Jets 13

After a horrifying performance on Monday Night against the Patriots, the New York Jets and Shaggy Darnold are taking the Mystery Machine south as the hope to avoid any g-g-g-ghosts when they play the Jacksonville Jaguars. At least this time, they will avoid hearing boos as they Jaguars defense will give their fans plenty to cheer about as Darnold goes looking for some Scooby Snacks.


Rams 38 Bengals 10

Does the NFL really want to get new fans in London? I mean, this game will not do that as fans in England get to suffer like fans in Southern Ohio and watch the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are 0-7 and appear to be playing the tank game. Andy Dalton is a turnover waiting to happen, especially in the fourth quarter. Last week the Los Angeles Rams got back on track with a big win in Atlanta, look for them to feast on a similarly weak team as they beat up on former assistant Zac Taylor’s new team.


Saints 24 Cardinals 10

When Drew Brees can play again, he should deliver a big thanks to Teddy Bridgewater, as the backup quarterback for the New Orleans Saints has more than capably filled in, winning ever start that he has made since taking over in Week 3. The Saints’ real success, however, has been their defense, which has been among the stingiest in the NFL. Look for them to continue to ride high as they end the Arizona Cardinals three-game winning streak.


Titans 20 Buccaneers 16

Like a duck to water, Ryan Tannehill will find his way to 7-9. In his first start last week, he led the Tennessee Titans to a win over the Chargers. More like the Chargers gagged the game away, but hey, that is what Tannehill is. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been similarly locked in mediocre waters. This was to be the battle of 1-2 in the 2015 draft. Now it is two quarterbacks that their teams are about to give up as Jameis Winston will likely soon be also rocking a hat and the clipboard.


49ers 24 Panthers 16

The Carolina Panthers are 4-0 since Kyle Allen took over from Cam Newton at quarterback. This week Allen faces his toughest test yet as he takes on the San Francisco 49ers in a road game. The 49ers are a perfect 6-0 with a defense that seems to be getting better every week. Look for the Panthers to keep it close for three quarters before the Niners pull away and get to 7-0.


Texans 34 Raiders 17

At which point does a team get road weary? The Oakland Raiders have not seen their home stadium since Week 2, as they have played four road games and one home game in London. Overall the Raiders have performed better than expected to go 2-2 with the final game of the road swing this week against the Houston Texans. The Texans are coming off a bitter loss in Indianapolis and need a win. Look for Deshaun Watson to be at his best as the Texans crush the Raiders.


Patriots 47 Browns 6

The New England Patriots are still the Patriots, and the Cleveland Browns are still the Browns. Over the last two decades, no team has won more than the Patriots, while no team has been a greater dumpster fire than the Browns. The Browns were expected to breakthrough this year, but when it was just all hype as Baker Mayfield has been unable to walk the walk after talking the talk during the offseason. Expect them to get more humble pie in Foxboro; maybe it will taste like Pumpkin Pie.


Packers 34 Chiefs 10

Waiting all day for Sunday Night?! No, we are not. Sunday Night Sucks. It means it is almost Monday, and that sucks. This year there has yet to be any exciting games on Sunday Night at his has been nearly as bad as the rest of the season. This one could have been great, but without Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs will be sending Matt Moore out there against Aaron Rodgers. Let the flatting of Aaron Rodgers begin as the Green Bay Packers win in a laugher.


Steelers 31 Dolphins 13

In his first start two weeks ago, Devlin Hodges had a proper accounting for himself as the Pittsburgh Steelers delivered a road win against the Chargers. Now in his first home start, he gets the easiest win possible as his team takes on the Miami Dolphins. Even if Miami had a chance to win, they would not take it as the goal is to Tank for Tua, and the Dolphins are doing it with expertise. Expect the Dolphins to tank twice as bad on Monday Night, as the Steelers always seem to win when they get to play under the lights.