3 Stars From Niche Sports You Should Know About

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Many sports stars can become household names, especially if they play established and well-followed sports. The likes of Ronaldo, Federer, and Lebron James all have the celebrity status that equals that of Hollywood A-listers.


However, there are still some sports players performing at the top of their game that you may not know about, simply because their sports may not be that well followed. That doesn’t diminish the skill and dedication that these players possess.


To help you become a better-rounded sports person, here are a few names from niche sports that you should know.


Carlos Mortensen – Poker


Carlos Mortensen is currently the most successful poker player in the world, having won the most titles than any other current competitor. He’s also now got the highest earnings in WPT – the leading Poker league – thus making him a sports star that you should be aware of.


Many people will contest that poker isn’t a real sport; however, out of all the casino games, this one requires the most skill, knowledge, and tactics and is a game that requires a lot of practice to get good at.


Carlos is from Ecuador and is the first-ever South American winner of the World Series, making him a game-changer in the sport and a person you should be aware of.


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Niklas Landin Jacobsen – Handball 


Handball is an exciting sport that doesn’t get enough love beyond vague interest during an Olympic tournament. Requiring a lot of skill and power, handball is a tough sport to make it to the elite level. However, Danish goalkeeper Landin Jacobsen has done just that, being named player of the year in 2021.


This means that currently, he’s the best handball player in the world, and to back that claim up, he’s also picked up the award in 2019 and may have also got it in 2020 if the awards weren’t canceled because of the pandemic.


Being a goalkeeper in handball is extremely tough as you’re facing a lot of high-speed throws; however, Landin Jacobsen excels in this and makes it look easy.


Teddy Riner 


Teddy Riner is a French-born Judo player and easily stakes a claim as being the best performer in this sport. In Judo, the aim is to throw your opponent to the ground, typically using their body weight.


At 33 years old, Riner has won over ten gold medals at the world championships and is currently the only player to have achieved this feat.


From 2010 to 2022, Teddy went unbeaten for the entire decade, finally losing to Kageura Kokoro of Japan. Before that defeat, he had a run of 154 consecutive victories.




Although it may seem that sports media is dominated by football, soccer, basketball, and others, there is a wealth of exciting and interesting sports to sink your teeth into. The world is full of interesting and unique sports, and the players within these are extremely skilled and talented. By following these sports stars, you’ll make a good start to expanding your horizons.