4 Pro Golf Tips For Beginners

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The National Golf Foundation (NGF) reported that in the United States alone, there are now over 24 million golfers in 2020, which is a 500,000 increase over 2019. This surge of new players is the largest ever in the last 17 years. (1)


The sudden interest of people to the sport can be attributed to many things that golf has to offer. For one, since players play golf outdoors, this sport provides a chance for players to breathe in the fresh air and be one with nature. Also, it can be the perfect distraction for whatever stress that’s causing you in your life, especially since it can be a challenging sport to master.


With that said, golf can be complicated to beginners. This is especially true since there are plenty of rules that you must be acquainted with, different types of clubs, and, not to mention, the terms––bogeys, birdies, and bump-and-runs.

Despite its complication, golf still offers plenty of benefits, just like any other sport. So if you’re using golf as an avenue to improve your muscle tone, lose body fat, get in touch with your friends and family, and get a bit of sun, here are some tips that beginners like you should keep in mind: (2)


  1. Find the right equipment


Without a doubt, having the proper equipment in any sport, such as golf, is always important. However, do note that you don’t have to go for the most expensive ones available or buy everything in a sporting goods store. You can simply start with the basic equipment first, like long irons, short irons, and tees.


By starting with the basics, you can gauge whether you’ll fully incorporate golf in your life. If not, you won’t have any regret since you didn’t fully commit to purchasing expensive, high-end golf gear. But if you find golf to be an enjoyable sport, then you can purchase these other golf essentials:


  • Golf gloves
  • Golf shoes
  • Alignment sticks
  • Golf bags
  • Rangefinder
  • Training aids and more

  1. Always mind your posture


If you already have the basic equipment, the next pro golf tip you should keep in mind is how to use these pieces of equipment, especially the golf clubs. This is where your proper posture comes in.


Essentially, proper posture in golf revolves around four consecutive positions:


  • Bend the waist
  • Flex your knees a little bit
  • Allow your arms to hang loosely
  • Align your feet with your shoulder (3)


Also, it’s important that you keep your back flat and transfer all your weight to the balls of your feet. Now if you find yourself reaching for the golf ball while doing this position, simply move closer to the ball. On the other hand, move farther away from the ball if it’s too close to you.


  1. Practice putting


Despite putting being one of the most essential techniques in golfing, not many people spend time practicing it. Putting is when you simply let the golf ball roll instead of the usual way of sending it flying through the air. So putting is basically the last motion you’ll do so you can put the ball in the hole.


Most golfers, even experienced ones, don’t really value the importance of putting, as they prefer long-range shots. What they don’t know is that putting accounts for more than 50% of strokes in a single round. Since it’s basically half of what you do in a round, it goes to show that perfecting your putting skills should be one of the essentials. (4)


  1. Have a playing partner


As mentioned earlier, golf also provides an opportunity to bond with your friends and family. And if you know someone who’s been playing golf for a while, then you can ask them to be your playing partner. Having someone to play golf with will help you enjoy the game more and even up your game. This is because playing alone will make it more difficult for you to figure out essential golf concepts.


Moreover, if you play with an experienced golfer, there’s a huge chance they’ll give you valuable tips, like knowing how to read your putts, how to play out of a bunker, or even teach you the proper way to swing.


Since you’re still a beginner, make sure you follow the advice that your playing partner gives. Soon enough, you’ll be asked by a beginner, and you can relay the information you’ve acquired from your mentor.




Like any other sport, golf can be a complicated endeavor to master. Fortunately, like everything else, regular practice will allow you to harness the benefits of golf. The good thing is, you can still practice your golf skills at home.


With some of the tips mentioned above, you’re now already confident of getting your golf clubs and swinging those golf balls through the air.




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