A Simple Guide To NFL Football Betting

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Football is a sport that everyone gets involved with, one way or another. However, it is the passionate football fans that will always take it one step further to get into betting at some stage within their lives, because why not? If you know your football matches, your facts inside and out, then betting could be a way to make money out of the sports game that you love. Sportsbet is a great example of a site that will allow you to bet on the odds you are comfortable with. You will find that this beginners guide will be absolutely perfect for you to build your betting future with. So, you know what you need to do. Read up, learn and try it out for yourself. Let us get started!


The most useful thing you will ever learn when you first come to have an interest or intrigue in betting, is the principles of betting. Football betting is very satisfying, especially if it’s derived from a complete faith in your club. Nobody is telling you to be naive with betting, you do not go blindly into betting just due to your love for a club. No. You will pick out the strengths of the club and take advantage of it. That is essentially what makes a great punter at the end of it all. 


Sure, these details may at first be slightly overwhelming, yet one thing we will tell you is, once you grasp this understanding, you will be up and away. However, we cannot promise you instant success, that depends on your look of being spot on with your projections and predictions. Being successful in sports betting and football betting in particular takes time and effort, so with patience you will definitely get there. We definitely suggest that you pay attention to everything we say, from start to finish and take it from there. Make notes and understand the principles before you even contemplate of staking anything just yet.


Stating the obvious

Of course, it is obvious that you need to know the football rules inside out and the latest sports news surrounding your favourite teams, if you want to fare well during your betting adventures. That is a given. You can always achieve this by keeping up to date with the best media portals for NHL sports coverage, such as CNN and USA Today. In addition to this, knowing the different football bets that are available is a must too. Some will come with more generous stakes and mediocre wins, and others will be extravagant-yet with even more greater winning potential. There is always a risk in everything you do, so you need to have a sit down with yourself and think if the risk is something that you can really accept. It will happen, that you may possibly lose something you weren’t expecting, it happens to everyone. So, it is best to not go in football betting, balls blazing without analysing the risk ahead. Gamble with what you are comfortable with losing and then take it further from there when you are absolutely comfortable and sure. The rest is, you will need to enjoy the process and not go in with too many expectations. This was all created for your enjoyment, not the latter half.


What are the most popular football bets?

The most popular football betting options include Point Spreads and Totals. These allow punters to place bets on multiple games through one betting action. Below we will explain more of what each one is and what you can expect from them.


Point Spreads

A point spread is where there is a full 50 out of 50 wagering introduction, meaning the bookies can bring a point spread selection across the football matches between two teams. It’s a give or take by a few points within a selected range. The highest point of that spread will be taken away from the final score and therefore you would need to win by that many points or to the maximum of the spread of points. For example, if there was a point spread of 2 between two football teams such as Chargers and Colts, the bet would be successful if the team lost by 2 or won by two or less for that matter. 


Point spreads are very easy to get the hang of, and the best way of practicing this is by betting with low stakes, just until you get the hang of it.


More information 

A point spreads odds will always be 2/1, meaning you will win double what you had originally wagered if your bet is successful. Yes, it is not as large as the more mainstream and difficult NHL football bets, yet nevertheless it could be a safer risk to start with when you begin.



Another popular choice of betting within NHL football is the use of totals bets. Again, this is one of the easier ones to grasp when you opt to go for football betting. Your aim of the betting game is to stake for whether you believe the total score will be over or under the value predicted by the bookmakers. If you wager over the totals and the two teams combined do create a point score above what the book makers predicted, you win your bet by however many times the odds are presented. If however you bet for the totals to be less when it was in fact greater at the end of the game, you will then lose the bet unfortunately and have to pay up.



Another popular bet choice that you can roll with includes the Moneyline wager. This again is a very simple derivative of all the wagering options that you have within the world of football betting, so definitely one beginners need to pay attention to. This bet is very similar to the point spreads, as in you will need to bet on who will win, however one thing to keep in mind is the fact that there will be no spread of points. You bet on the team to win. However, this time you will need to bet the amount shown by the bookmakers and understand the negative and positive integers used.

 If the team has positive integers, this means that the team is an underdog and you will win far more if they happen to prevail. You will need to bet the number shown by the bookies and hope that the underdog becomes the over dog, for some serious winning cash! On the other hand, the negative integer is the team predicted to win and you will and therefore the odds will be relatively lower and less of a risk. If the predicted winning team has a -185 for its Moneyline, you will win $1.85 for every dollar you stake in the team. This applies in twofold vice versa for the underdog team.



A Props bet involves many variations of different outcomes that any team may possibly achieve. These can be anything from the total amount of field goal kicks that a team manages to secure, which team scores the first, what distance the longest touchdown manages to achieve and so forth. Being that there are so many variations, you will find that anyone is capable of having fun with these bets, of course they are harder to grasp than the more singular options shown above, but definitely a great step up if you are bored of the more simpler options.


These odds and bet options are the ones that bookmakers can have a lot of fun with and really explore the boundaries of any given sport. Definitely the one to watch out for.



Futures wagers are predictions of how the teams within the NHL and players will fare within the entire games, months and season overall. The greater space of time that is measured, you will find that the odds become far more difficult, and more is ultimately at stake for you and your wallet. Bets are again very creative, similar to Props, however even more out of the box. You could bet on which player gets the player of the year award, using the Futures bet, so you definitely will have far more fun with this kind of betting environment than any others that are out there, we would say.


Multiple NHL Football Betting 

So, Multiple football betting is one that is more accelerated and fast paced. You will find that this is something that you will definitely be on board for, long after the beginning, easy paced style of betting you will go for when you first expose yourself. You would be jumping into the deep end, yet then again, if you can swim-why ever should you not go for it?


The style of betting here ensures that multiple games can be bet on at once. You will get bigger payouts of course; with that comes higher risks and loss potential. The main betting options within Multiple Betting include the Pleasers, the Teasers and the Parlays. We would not advise you to dive headfirst into this betting environment, as you may find yourself drawing in the sea of information and tactics, but it doesn’t hurt to learn a bit more in the process, right?


Pleasers and Teasers

Thought we would start off with two similar forms of multiple bets. Again, these will branch off from the Parlay type of betting, however the favour of the odds will be more difficult in Pleaser bets as the odds will always look out for the betting houses gain. Teasers on the other hand, will look to benefit you. So, Teaser bets, is it then? 


One thing to take away is, whenever the odds favour the house more, there is more for you to win in the process of gambling here. At the same time, there is a far greater loss and risk associated. Definitely choose wisely. Because throughout betting history-particularly in sports, there are many that have lost quite a bit for betting so casually…



Parlay betting is where you bring together multiple bets and combine it into one. The Parlay bet can be a five-spread bet that goes across 6 lots of games within a series for example. Meaning your bet will count for more than just one game and you will have a huge amount to account for, if you even want to come close to winning. They are a huge risk to take and if you want to win, you have to make sure every game involved is on point with your stake predictions! Yes, it is never easy, but the spoils that you could have from this are absolutely huge. You will also need to stake quite a bit if you want in, so maybe do not think about going for this, unless you have some winnings you do not mind using as substitute for the cash in this bet type?


Betting sites are convenient

In due time, you will come to realise that betting sites will be far more convenient on your journey through football and general sports betting. You will be able to bet from wherever and whenever you choose, without having to move an inch off the sofa! Yes, the buzz and the hype of actually being in a bookie and watching it all on the screen, is exciting and filled with adrenaline, but what is more priceless than winning in your jammies, all before you have had that first cup of morning tea? Nothing is quite like it, that is one thing we will say.


With the progression of technology and software, the quality of your online sports betting experience is beyond what many expect. Having your mobile phone or PC, Laptop, Tablet etc. from the comfort of your own environment, means first of all, there is no pressure of waiting lines, or waiting patiently for your payout for example. Everything gets paid in full over the internet, straight to your bank account-and best of all, the best sites are of a safe nature that you can always trust. It may be the game changer you need, to go from a loser to a winner!