Ankle Tap, Box Kick, and a Hospital Pass- The Terms You Should Know When Dating a Rugby Fan

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Rugby fans, like the players, are a different breed of people. They are incredibly dedicated to the sport and know it inside and out. They’re not afraid to be outside all day long if it means they get a good look at the sport. Understanding the game can be hard if you’re just starting to date someone that is a fan of the sport, though. Local Naughty Singles prepared a few tips on how to be a girlfriend of a rugby fan; you can handle it!

Prepare for the First Rugby Date Night

One thing that you should definitely learn about when it comes to dating a rugby fan is that your life is going to be exciting. The first date that you have could be centered around rugby, or they might wait a little bit to bring you into that world. Either way, you should know what to expect. For one thing, if you’re watching at home, be prepared to meet your date’s friends and their girlfriends. It’s a big gathering when the sport is on television, including food and drinks. If the two of you are going to watch a game in person, be sure to get a good seat and dress for comfort. These matches aren’t terribly long, but the crowd will get into the game like nothing you’ve seen before!

Ask All About the Sports

Another important thing to do is to ask about the sport. Rugby has unique rules and terms that you’ll have to get used to before you can seamlessly follow the game. For example, here are some terms to know:

Ankle Tap: when a defender is trailing a player with the ball and pushes the ankle of the player to get them to fall.

Box Kick: this move is when the scrumhalf kicks the ball over the scrum or ruck. They have a lot of offensive and defensive uses.

Hospital pass: a pass that is thrown to a vulnerable player that is often subjected to serious damage as a result of catching the ball. As the name suggests, people end up in the hospital from these.

There are many different things that new people need to learn about the sport to enjoy it. These are some beginner terms, but you’ll also have to learn about the scrum and the scoring methods along with many other things, too!

Get Ready to Change Your Habits

If you’re getting into the wider world of dating a rugby player, then get ready to change your habits. You might end up at a local team’s practice or staying up late to catch the game on television. Your boyfriend is definitely going to bring you along for the ride. So, what kind of habits are you going to change? For one thing, you might find that your partner is more active than people you’ve met in the past. You will certainly hang around a new crowd of people that are fans of this sport, too. Another thing to remember is that you might find it hard to keep up with all the events, so keeping a dating schedule could become necessary!

There are some serious fans for the sport of rugby, and you have to know your stuff to impress them. While we’ve given you an overview of what you can expect out of your partner, the fact is that a little more research couldn’t hurt. Learn the basic rules and watch a competition or two; you might just find out that you’re a rugby fan as well!