Basketball Betting Tips For Rookies

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It’s safe to say that basketball lovers are happy with the fact that March has arrived. Why is that the case? The answer is simple, March Madness starts on the 13th of March. The NCAA championship is popular among the people who watch NBA and those who only watch college basketball. If you are a basketball lover, you are definitely browsing online sportsbooks, trying to find the best March Madness betting odds that will help you win money. However, if you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to betting, you must be careful. Here are the basketball betting tips for rookies you must read.

Choose A Type Of Bet

As you know, there are many different types of bets you can try when betting on basketball. However, for a rookie, the two best options are the money line and the total bet. When it comes to the money line options, the rules are pretty simple. You just need to put money on a team you think will win the game. You are not concerned with the score or individual performances of players. You just hope for your team to win.

Read The News

If you want to make a good choice when betting on basketball, you simply need to read the news. Why is that important? The news can tell you which players are injured or simply not playing the game. That type of data can help you to make a good choice and win money. The good thing is that you can easily check the news before the game. Don’t be lazy to do that because it can make a difference between a winning and a losing bet. Check the news one hour before the game to see if there were changes when it comes to teams.

Read Recent Statistics

The thing that can make betting easier for you is reading the recent statistics. For example, if the two teams have played against each other that season, you must see the scores of those previous games. However, you shouldn’t only look at their matches. Make sure to check their most recent games against other teams. See how they performed away and at home this season. If they performed badly away, don’t put money on them when they are playing away. If they won most of their games at home, that should tell you that you can put money on them when they are hosts.


Read the details and you will be successful when betting on basketball.