Beginner’s Edition: Helpful Online Horse Betting Tools

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Horse racing is a type of equestrian sport in which two or more jockeys ride horses over a specified distance, with the winner being determined by many factors, including the jockey’s skill and insight, as well as the horse’s physical effort.


This sport has been a popular pastime for horse lovers. Besides, if you do not find horse races to be particularly thrilling, horse race betting may be able to bring an additional level of fun and excitement for you.


Although horse racing betting is one of the ancient types of gambling, it is still enjoyed not only by betting enthusiasts but also by those who are starting to show interest in horse betting. Also, it is a practice that has traditionally been linked with the sport on a global scope.

Online Betting

Nowadays, betting on horse races is simpler and easier as there are various tools for online horse betting. Many bettors access betting websites, or what can be called online bookmakers or sportsbooks, rather than going over the counter to place their bets. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to be accessed via mobile phone or other gadgets.


Not only will you be able to place bets on horse races that take place worldwide, but you can also be able to watch horse races live on these online betting platforms. With this, it will be easier to stay up to date on horse racing events, the status of the horses, and check out the updated kentucky derby contenders with its betting odds, and so on, anytime and from anywhere you might be.

Helpful Online Betting Tools

Along with various online betting platforms, there are also a lot of helpful online betting tools that you think you might not need. Still, you do, especially for a beginner like you looking to gain essential information before placing a bet. So now, please take note of the following tools listed below as they will help you in your betting journey.

Racetrack Programs

This online betting tool gives valuable information regarding all the participants. And the participants consist of the jockeys, horses, owners, and trainers. By familiarizing yourself with the data given in the racetrack program and the knowledge you gain from studying horse racing betting, you can make an informed judgment on which player is likely to win.


A racetrack program will also include information about the track’s characteristics and anticipated underfoot conditions. This information applies to every race and is an essential component of a guide to determining the horse capable of winning, placing, or showing.

Daily Racing Form

Another helpful tool available both on paper and online is the daily racing sheet. This sheet provides an in-depth analysis of every horse within the lineup for the day, including historical trends and performance data, insightful and valuable horse racing publications, and the handicapping made by DRF employees.

Speed Figures

Accurate speed numbers obtained from reputable sources might assist you in winning significant cash awards at the racetrack. However, it is essential to note that speed estimates have a cost. Therefore, if you want to place bets on dirt races, you should prepare yourself with performance figures.

Helpful Tips For Betting On Horse Racing

Having learned some useful online betting tools from the abovementioned, it’s time to put your approach into action. A few helpful tips will be given to you in this article, especially for those new to horse racing betting.

Do Your Research

Only a small fraction of people, especially those who just started betting, conduct any research before deciding on the horse they want to bet on. Some people may rely on their intuition, and some people may even rely on their lady luck. However, this is not always the case.


With the help of the racetrack program, you will be able to gather all the necessary information you need to know, especially about the race and the horses that will be racing. Although it will not advise you on which horse you’ll have to place your bets with, it will at the very least provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision.

Try Different Kinds Of Bet

Betting includes a wide range of options you can pick on when placing your bet, and only sticking to one betting type will limit your experience. Thus, if you want to bring your horse racing betting to another level, try out different bets to increase your potential payout and learn how to incorporate and use various strategies in your game.

Shop For The Odds

You can then start shopping the odds after selecting the horse on which to wager and the type of wager you wish to put into place. First, check the betting odds for a particular wager at various gambling sites. Then choose the one that provides you with the most significant potential of earning the most money.


In addition to the enjoyment of simply watching the classy equestrian sport, placing bets on horse races is perhaps one of the most exciting wagerings you can experience. Although horse betting can become overwhelming for some beginners, the most important thing for you to remember is to have fun with it.