Best Teams To Bet On In Maryland

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Since May 2018, when the law banning sports betting was overturned, many states have now begun the process of legalising it. As a result, sportsbooks are now being launched in these states, so people have somewhere to collectively place their bets and wagers. In Maryland, sports betting was legalised in December 2021, so if you’re a newbie bettor, you might still be unsure of the best teams to bet on. To help, here are our top teams from Maryland that you could bet on this year. 

The Baltimore Orioles

This baseball team compete in Major League Baseball, often facing sporting giants like the New York Yankees! The Orioles have been above average in batting and home runs, and they also have the fewest strikeouts. They recently managed 18 runs against Cleveland and 10 against the New York Mets too. They also have a new pitcher, Grayson Rodriguez, who has an average of 7.5 strikeouts each game. This is pretty impressive, making the Orioles a team to watch and definitely worth putting a bet on. You could even place a prop bet on the pitcher striking out a certain number of people for a bit of extra fun too.

The Maryland Terrapins

You don’t just have to bet on professional sports you know. You can also bet on it at a collegiate level, and the Maryland Terrapins are a great team to do so on. They’re previous champions of the NCAA title and are looking to do so again this season. Their popularity draws spectators in from all over Maryland to watch their glory in action. So, if you’re looking for brilliant basketball teams to bet on, don’t forget about the Maryland Terrapins. 

The Baltimore Ravens

If football is more your thing, then look no further than the Baltimore Ravens. Finishing up their season in 2019 with 3,296 rushing yards, they garnered more rushing yards than any other team in NFL history! They also were the first team to average 200 passing yards and 200 rushing yards each game in just one season. The Baltimore Ravens actually won the Super Bowl in 2001 and 2013 and considering they only started in 1996, that is quite a feat. Their 2021 season was hit with lots of player injuries, causing them to fall down a notch or two. But, in 2022, they now have a completely healthy team who are ready to get back in action and destroy the competition. Any sports bettor looking for a Maryland football team should definitely be interested in these guys. 

These are some of the best teams you can bet on in Maryland, so when you come to placing your first bet, you’ll have some idea who to go with. Try keeping an eye on how they perform from now up until you want to make your wager, and you’ll be able to make the best bet possible. Maryland is home to so many wonderful sports teams that a new champion may emerge in 2022, flipping the reigning ones on their heads. Be sure to keep a close watch on these 3 though and you’ll hopefully be able to make a little extra cash when you place your bets.