Best Ways to Store CBD Tinctures

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Compared to other CBD products, tinctures are pretty ‘easy’ to prepare. These are hemp isolates formed by soaking a plant in alcohol for a while. The herbal residue is then removed from the resulting extract. Purified tinctures are further packaged and released in the market.

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A hemp extract prepared with alcohol can last indefinitely. Since alcohol can’t spoil, cannabidiol in it wouldn’t lose its properties either. A certain percentage of matter degradation is possible. But it would be minimal if you adhere to the storage instructions in full.

It’s not always possible to provide ideal storage conditions, so CBD tinctures have their shelf life. High temperatures, air, and bright lighting are the biggest enemies of cannabinoids. These are the factors from which you should protect your hemp-based goods.

Protection from Heat and Light


Heat and prolonged exposure to UV rays destroy CBD molecules and thus speed up the degradation of this compound. Logically, you should keep the hemp extracts away from direct light and heat exposure. But don’t worry about the products on shelves in stores. If exposed moderately and their expiration date hasn’t passed, CBD tinctures are fine. The degradation process takes time.

Heat causes evaporation of the alcohol from the tincture. Without an alcohol base, cannabidiol loses protection and remains exposed to external influences. So choose dark places that are far from heat sources for storage.

Avoid places where temperature changes occur or moisture and mold are present. Too much exposure to light can also harm the potency of the supplement. Sunlight causes oxidation of the CBD tincture and destroys it. It’s desirable to keep this product far away from windows and doors.

Prevent Air from Entering

Ideally, store CBD tinctures in a dark cupboard, such as a cabinet off the kitchen table. A pantry shelf or any other compartment high enough will do too. Make sure these are far from air conditioning, too. These places should have minimal airflow, as a gas blend from the air (oxygen, nitrogen, and CO2) can negatively react with cannabidiol.

Choose the Right Storage Container

The factory packaging is great for storing your product in it without any problems. A glass bottle with a dropper will keep all external factors away. But what if the original jar is damaged? You can preserve the tincture if you move it to an opaque glass jar with an air-tight closure. Keep on using as usual (check more information on using hemp tinctures)

You should avoid metal containers. They seem reliable, but not for storing alcohol-based products. Metal tends to heat up even if you keep it away from high temperatures and light. Alcohol can evaporate, and the hemp extract would spoil without even notice it.

Never store CBD extracts in plastic bottles. These are the items that can harm your health as this material contains some toxic ingredients. These can activate on heat. Plastic containers can’t retain the solution’s effectiveness as they become porous after a while.

You should always use glass jars since these are more convenient and durable when storing your hemp tincture. Pour the content inside a sturdy and durable container, preferably one with an air-tight lid. That will provide little or no evaporation. Also, glass jars will make it easier for you to carry or transport the CBD extract.

Is Freezing Okay?

Although the room temperature is quite suitable for storing CBD products, it can also vary depending on the climate you live in. In warm and humid areas, the outside temperatures are quite high. Products that should be stored at room temperature will spoil faster. That can be the case with CBD tinctures.

Suppose the room temperature in your home is higher than 21-22 degrees Celsius. In that case, it may be wise to keep your tinctures in the fridge. Cannabidiol tolerates cold much better than heat. It has been proven that low temperatures don’t change the molecular structure of this compound.

The only thing that can be changed is the texture, but that doesn’t affect the correctness of the tincture. After some time in the fridge, CBD dissolved in ethanol or glycerin may begin to precipitate in solution and bottle walls. Don’t mind that; just shake the bottle before use.

The freezer is not a suitable place to store CBD tinctures, especially if you use them often. Frequent freezing and unfreezing will speed up the decay of CBD molecules. This option could come in handy only if you bought too much CBD extract (let’s be honest, this rarely happens). Then, you can divide the whole amount into small doses of oil and freeze them. Defrost one dose when needed, without re-freezing.

Know What You Buy

Different bases are used to prepare hemp extracts. The shelf life of any Cheef Botanicals tincture will largely depend on alcohol used for its production. These compounds differ, so as their preserving properties. Be sure to read the labels when buying these hemp-based goods to know what to expect.

Glycerin-based tinctures are less stable than ethanol-based ones. The reason lies in the fact that glycerin is not pure alcohol, but only in part. Even with proper storage, this product will break down sooner than those based on ethanol.


You may be attracted to sales when it’s possible to buy quality CBD tinctures for a great price. But don’t rush. Consider whether you are really saving. If you buy too many products that will just stand somewhere until they expire, isn’t that a waste of money? Buy only when you need them, or possibly another extra pack to have, just in case.