Biggest US Sporting League Tournaments

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For any sport or sports betting fan, each season brings a sense of excitement and hope that their favourite team or player will come out on top , especially when they p;ace bets on them with USBL. From football and baseball to tennis, we give the lowdown on the biggest US sporting league tournaments you need to follow.


NFL Playoffs

Held every January, the National Football League Playoffs provide some much-needed excitement in the depths of winter and can easily bring in over 30million viewers. As a postseason sporting event, the NFL Playoffs are an elimination tournament to determine the ultimate NFL champion. Seven teams from each of the NFL’s two conferences qualify, and it is fast and furious, as only three or four games are played, leaving the winning team the glorious victors, and NFL fans chomping at the bit for the new season to kick off again.


World Series

The pinnacle of the US baseball calendar, the MLB’s World Series is the clash of the titans from both the American and National Leagues. Played in the postseason in October every year, it brings together the champions from both leagues in a best of seven playoff. Offering the highest level of pitch action, the World Series commands large viewing audiences, with the 2019 tournament seeing almost 14 million people tuning in to watch the Washington Nationals beat the Houston Astros to the title.


US Open Tennis

Part of global tennis’ Grand Slam tournaments, the US Open is held in New York each year and closes the series. Alongside the French and Australian Open, and the iconic Wimbledon, the US Open is widely considered to be one of the world’s best tennis tournaments and a must-watch for all US tennis fans. Held in New York’s USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the US Open also commands worldwide audiences of over 31 million.


The NBA Championships

The US’s second most popular sport behind football, basketball is a total crowd-pleaser, and the National Basketball Championship (NBA) is the world’s top basketball league. The NBA Championship Finals is the pinnacle of the US basketball season, with the Eastern and Western conference champions playing a best of seven series to be crowned champions and lift the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Held every May/June, the 2019 NBA Finals commanded over 15 million viewers in the US alone, with the Toronto Raptors going on to lift the coveted trophy.


The US Masters

Held at the meticulously manicured Augusta National Golf Course, The Masters one of the four major championships and is considered by many to be the greatest golf tournament in the world. Dating back to 1930, The Masters is also a classy affair and as an invitational, attracts the top professional golfers from around the world. Staged every April, it is also the first major international to be held, and unlike many other tournaments, is always played on the same course. Combining tradition, the immaculate and challenging 18-hole course and a worldwide audience of over 10 million, it is also one of the most-watched golf tournaments in the world.