Can’t Get to the Golf Course? 5 Ways to Keep Practicing at Home

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It’s not always possible to visit the golf course as regularly as you’d like, so rather than letting your skills stagnate, it’s a good idea to pencil in some practice sessions to your domestic schedule.

While it may not seem like it, there are actually lots of things you can do at home to maintain and even improve your game, so here are just a few tips to boost the effectiveness of your practicing.

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Invest in a smart device to enhance your swing

While some people convert entire rooms of their homes into fully fledged golf simulators, with a golf swing training aid like the Home Swing Studio, you can ameliorate your abilities without monopolizing large amounts of space.

So-called ‘mini-simulators’ are smart devices with built-in sensors that monitor your performance, suggest tweaks and use software to track your progress over time. All you need is a compatible smartphone or tablet to run the associated app, and you are good to go.

Use a mirror

Knowing that you need to alter your stance to improve your swing is all well and good, but unless you can actually see the changes being implemented, you will not know whether you have been following the advice accurately.

The simple solution is to practice swings in front of a mirror, preferably one which is large enough to let you see your full body so you can become your own coach, and scrutinize your grip and posture, making changes if you spot any obvious weaknesses.

Practice putting

Putting is an often overlooked skill, but if you cannot get to the course because of bad weather and you have no choice but to practice at home, then it is one you can definitely focus on overhauling without getting in the way of other members of the household.

Carpeted floors are a little better for this purpose because of the additional friction they provide compared with wooden or tiled surfaces, so use these if available, or invest in a dedicated putting mat. Setting up an empty coffee mug, turned on its side, at one end of the room and putting a ball into it from the other is a tried and tested way to train indoors.

Exercise regularly & eat a healthy diet

There is a reason that modern golfers are in good shape; if your body is physically fit all-round and you have a nutritious, balanced diet, you will be better able to perform when it matters.

The same applies to amateurs, so remember that even if you are stuck at home, it is a good idea to stay active, maintain an effective exercise routine and avoid the temptation to gorge on fatty foods and alcohol.

Watch the pros

You can learn so much from simply watching top tier professional golfers play, so when you are not practicing your own skills, know that simply sitting down to check out the action from a recent tournament on the TV is also a good use of your time, as well as being entertaining.