Casino New Technologies And The Best Casino Apps That Use Them

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The online casino industry is growing every year. In this area, companies need to follow the latest trends and be able to apply them as soon as possible, because the casino can get or lose customers who already love modern conveniences. That is why the best online casinos carefully study new technologies and actively implement them. If you also want to keep abreast of innovations, read this article. If you want to find the best casino app or sites like Bet365, CasinoAnalyzer will help you.

Games on mobile devices

Today you will not surprise anyone that you can place bets on your smartphone because the technology has been developing for many years. In 2022, it’s hard to imagine a developer releasing a PC-only game, especially since gambling is usually quite simple, and it’s not difficult to transfer it to a smartphone.

Of course, today casinos offer customers to place bets from smartphones not only in slot machines, but also at tables with live dealers, and the development of technology makes this process closer and closer to reality.

Among the most popular casino apps are GambinoSlots, WorldWinner, BigFish and many others. You can look through special offers and choose the most generous.

Games using blockchain technology

Games that allow you to earn money are traditionally referred to as casinos. Recently, the network was conquered by a new trend – games that use cryptocurrencies. In such programs, users can earn cryptocurrencies by performing certain activities or by selling things. However, unlike standard game options, earned funds can be withdrawn from the game and used in the real world.

Since the technology is quite recent, not everyone knows about it yet, but it will definitely develop in the coming years.

The best bitcoin-friendly casino apps here are Costa Rica established Bovada; Bitcoin-, Litecoin- and Ethereum-supporting Cafe Mobile Casino and Slots LV, which offers high welcome bonuses.

Using cryptocurrencies for settlements

Unlike the previous technology, the trend toward using cryptocurrencies for settlements in casinos has been gaining momentum for several years now. Recently, governments have been trying to more carefully monitor the transfers of funds from and to illegal casinos, and they have more and more tools to do so. That’s why cryptocurrencies are becoming the main hope of gambling enthusiasts. Today, many casinos already offer bitcoins and altcoins for settlements, and sometimes the choice of virtual currency has dozens of options.

In addition, some casinos already use only cryptocurrencies for settlements, which allows them to abandon the standard verification process. The fact is that the technology already provides sufficient protection to users, so additional verification of identity is not required.

Virtual Reality and the Metaverse

People have been talking about virtual reality for several years, but the technology is developing quite slowly and has not yet reached its peak. Nevertheless, there are high hopes for it, especially for the Metaverse.

If we talk about progress for 2022, then today there are games that offer to spend time in virtual reality. Several of these options allow the player to bet as if at a real table. Moreover, there is even a virtual casino where you can walk from table to table or from slot to slot.

However, the technology is still at the start. As for the Metaverse, we hope that there will also be a place for gambling there, while the developers have come up with only the concept itself and announced the start of work on the virtual world.

There are also VR casino apps – SlotsMillion, Virtual Roulette, Casino VR Poker.

Cloud data

The new technology is expected to revolutionize the world of online gaming. Its main essence is that data processing during the game will take place not on the user’s device, but in the cloud, and only the processing result will be sent to the device. In essence, it means that expensive consoles and cool gaming computers will simply not be needed in the nearest future. You will need only a screen and the Internet to play in the cloud, and device parameters do not play any significant role.

This technology will eventually affect all games, including gambling. Processing information in the cloud will allow you to create more complex games without slowing down the process of using them.


Creation of new companies and games in the field of gambling

Online gambling is incredibly popular today, but the industry only predicts growth in users and turnover. So in 2022, new development companies and new establishments will definitely appear. In addition, the industry will be replenished with hundreds and, most likely, even thousands of new games from both start-up companies and industry giants.

Speaking of slot machines, it is expected that manufacturers will continue to try to combine video slots with games in other genres. For example, Evoplay has already released a Dungeon: Immortal Evil slot based on RPG games. In addition, several slot machines offer the player not only to spin the reels and periodically play bonus games but create entire storylines, as, for example, in the Castle Builder II video slot by Rabcat in collaboration with Microgaming. Progressive jackpot technologies and various additional features will also continue to develop.


New technologies are changing the whole world, including the gambling industry. Innovations such as blockchain and virtual reality can significantly improve the quality of online casino games, making them even more interesting and attractive for customers. Casino apps are becoming more popular, and new technologies make them closer and more available to the customer.