CBD as a pre-workout supplement: the benefits and how to use it

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When most people think about pre-workout supplements, they think about caffeine and other stimulants. But a new supplement on the scene could provide some benefits for those looking to boost their workout performance: CBD oil. The oil is contained in the hemp plant but without THC, which causes a euphoric effect on users. Medicinally, the supplement has many benefits that ensure the body is in good condition, making it a perfect pre-workout supplement. This article discusses CBD oil as a pre-workout supplement, its benefits, and how to use it safely and effectively.

1. What CBD is and what are its benefits

CBD oil is a formula from cannabis, a compound of the cannabis plant, but without the proactive effect of THC. The oil is associated with many health benefits. The medical sphere is saturated with CBD products as a go-to medication for many illnesses such as anxiety, Parkinson’s, cancer, and pain. In pre-workout cases, the substance reduces blood pressure and sore muscles and increases sleep quality, focus, and energy.


The oil has become legal in more than 32 states of America for medicinal purposes, and it’s easily accessible at sites like DankStop. However, the laws are a bit complicated and vary in different states. It’s advisable to be aware of the state and country laws to avoid being penalized.


The legalization of cannabis has sprung many online and offline dispensaries, stores, and outlets. Online marketing is becoming popular because of the stress-free process. At the same time, stores are easy to reach because they are widely available.


Most people enjoy CBD because it lacks the psychoactive ingredient – THC – responsible for the high effect.


2. How to use CBD as a pre-workout supplement

If you’re experiencing post-workout soreness and inflammation, CBD may be the perfect solution for you. The compound has proven to reduce muscle soreness caused by muscle damage from exercise, which is influenced by microscopic damage to muscle fibers. Your muscle will relieve after taking CBD because of its anti-inflammation properties and pain reliever.


Focus and mental health are two aspects that are needed for a lasting workout session. Exercise is not just to build muscle but to discipline and perseverance. CBD relaxes the body to increase focus, energy, and brain performance.


Excess blood sugar can lead to excess energy, which can cause the body to shut down. Using CBD as a pre-workout supplement prevents energy crashes by regulating blood sugar digestion.


Stress and anxiety are common in athletes because of vigorous exercise. These conditions are deadly to physical and psychological parts of the body by messing with body balance. Cannabidiol alleviates symptoms of anxiety and stress by reducing tension in your joints, back, and neck, which increases fluid movement.


You should contact health personnel or a doctor before starting CBD as a pre-workout supplement to avoid adverse effects.


3. The potential risks associated with using CBD as a pre-workout supplement

However, CBD is not free from health risks. The substance has been found to negatively affect the body, such as dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, hunger, etc.


Be careful not to use CBD oil and other medication such as warfarin and other pain killers.


Excess CBD consumption can lead to stomach upset or worse conditions like liver shut down, especially when taken on an empty stomach.


A physician will prescribe the right dose and supplement ingredients to fit your workout routine while preventing the risk. If taken by a person with other health conditions, the reaction to other medications can be deadly.


The label usually has the amount of CBD to be ingested and the level of each ingredient in the product.


It is advisable to start with little doses before moving to higher doses to avoid the risk.


4. Some tips to enjoy the benefits of CBD pre-workout supplement routine

Get accustomed to smaller doses, then increase as your body tolerates the usual dose.


Do not take the supplement on an empty stomach or without food is associated with risk and causes stomach upset.


When using CBD oil, WHO advises users to avoid substances like caffeine, amino acids, beta-alanine, and vitamins.


CBD causes dry mouth, and preventing this requires users to take a good amount of water before, during, and after the workout.


The results are different depending on the method of consumption. Some results are achieved in 30 minutes, while some may take hours. Those who take the oil will have a faster effect than those using edibles.