Could the Rugby Super League Lose Its Promotion/Relegation Structure?

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The Rugby Super League season has already got underway, but a replacement system for how promotion and relegation to and from the league works is already being discussed and could be implemented sooner rather than later.

Find out more about how the promotion/relegation structure could change right here.

Could the Rugby Super League scrap the traditional relegation and promotion system?

If you enjoy watching the Rugby league or Rugby Super League, you may have already heard about some major changes that might be coming soon.

Global media giant International Management Group (more commonly referred to as IMG) recently proposed radical new changes to the Rugby Super League. The proposed changes would see the traditional way that clubs get promoted and relegated from the league being scrapped.

It looks as though the new system will be implemented sooner rather than later, but what exactly does this mean for rugby in the United Kingdom? In short, it means that ‘category A’ clubs would be protected against being relegated from the Rugby Super League.

In other words, they would always be guaranteed a place in the league. It also means that the number of clubs joining the Rugby Super League from outside the United Kingdom will be capped. However, exact details about how the new grading system might work have yet to be revealed.

The main aim is to encourage club investment and support financial sustainability. It’s the brainchild of IMG, and it’s just one part of a 12-year strategic partnership. The assessment of rugby clubs off and on the field of play to determine their off-field status is set to return.

A yearly evaluation of rugby clubs in the Super League that is likely to replace the traditional system of automatic relegation/promotion will see the top-performing clubs taking their place at the top table. Clubs will be graded Category A or B based on certain vital metrics.

Who can win the Rugby Super League?

So far, only one Rugby Super League game has been played this season, so it’s still too early to tell who might come out on top.

To get a better understanding of which team is most likely to win the league, the best thing to do would be to check the latest odds from some of today’s most trusted online bookmakers and compare the odds.

A closer look at the odds

For example, at the time of writing, St. Helens is the current odds-on favourite team to win the league outright. On average, most sites have them priced at around 175 in the American/moneyline odds format.

In the UK fractional odds format, it works out to 7/4, and in the European decimal odds format, it’s 2.75. It also means they have a 36.40% implied probability rate of winning.

The latest odds for some of the other Rugby Super League teams that could potentially win the league are as follows:

.    Wigan Warriors: 400 in American/moneyline odds, which is 4/1 in fractional odds and 5.00 in decimal odds (with a 20% chance o. winning)

. Warrington Wolves: 550 in American/moneyline odds, which is 11/2 in fractional odds and 6.50 in decimal odds (with a 15.4)% chance of winning)

. Catalan Dragons: 800 in American/moneyline odds, which is 8/1 in fractional odds and 9.00 in decimal odds (with an 11.10% chance of winning)

. Leeds Rhinos: 1,000 in American/moneyline odds, which is 10/1 in fractional odds and 11.00 in decimal odds (with a 9.10% chance of winning)

Final note

When signing up to a licensed online bookmaker, remember to set deposit limits, where possible, and try to place sensible wagers.

You must be at least 18 to sign up to one of these websites, and you can generally sign up from any smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer with Wi-Fi/internet connectivity.