Cricket: A National Sport of Many Countries

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Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams. Each team has eleven players on the field, and the batting side scores runs by striking the ball at the wicket. There are many rules and regulations surrounding this game that is predominantly played in England. However, even though cricket originated from England, this game has become a national sport of many countries in the world. 



The earliest reference to cricket was in South East England in the 16th century. As the British Empire expanded, the game expanded with it to the international market in the 19th century. The game is entirely regulated and governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), and by Marylebone Cricket Club in London. The matches are played all over England each year, and many people anticipate those events. 


What is more, since cricket is so widespread across England, many Brits have started betting on it. There are dozens of online casinos today that offer great odds on cricket matches, live matches, and other great ways of betting on your favorite team of the season. And if you are a passionate cricket fan, you can easily research how to best bet on upcoming cricket matches and which are the best sites for placing those bets. 



Cricket is highly popular in Australia on domestic, local, and international levels. And it is definitely the national summer sport of this country. It is most often played from September to April, and the main administrative body is the Cricket Australia. In 2017 – 2018 according to the National Cricket Census, over 1.5 million Australians engaged in cricket competitions or programs, which is an increase of 9%. And as far as the audience is concerned, more than 2.3 million people attended cricket matches during the same summer.



In Bermuda, cricket originally started in 1904. This is when their spirited matches between four East End cricket clubs started. This is also when we all got a glimpse into Bermuda’s local sporting community. The biggest event of Bermuda’s cricket calendar certainly is the Cup Match. This is a two-day tournament held in July between the main rivals of the island – St. George’s Cricket Club (East) and Somerset Cricket Club (West). But besides being the biggest sports event in the country, the Cup Matchs is also all about the party and enjoying this time with your friends and family. 



The first cricket team appearing in Grenada was in West Indian cricket in 1887 and played against a touring Gentlemen of America team at the old Queen’s Park. Their national cricket team represents Granada in cricket, but the team is not a member of the ICC. However, the Grenada Cricket Association is a member of the Winward Islands Cricket Board of Control, which is also a member of the association of the West Indies Cricket Board. However, Grenada has played many times a separate entity in matches, and they held Twenty20 status. 


Antigua and Barbuda

In Antigua and Barbuda, cricket is more a religion than a mere sport. It arrived here with the British and has been claimed as a major passion and national sport immediately. In March 2007, Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium was officially opened and it held World Cup Tournament across the Caribbean. Antique has also created some great cricketers in its history, such as Sir Vivian Richards who has been the best batsman in the world for 10 years. Another great bowler is Andy Roberts, as well as the stars Curtly Ambrose, Richie Richardson, and Ridley Jacobs. 



Ever since it was introduced to the country, cricket has become a national sport of Barbados and there are dozens of matches played constantly – both professional and amateur ones. There are dozens of cricket grounds in Barbados and the most famous one is Kensington Oval. What is more, Barbados has managed to produce some great and talented players of cricket, and that’s no surprise because this sport is played on cricket grounds, in villages, and even on the streets. Some legendary players of Barbados are Sir Garfield Sobers, Malcolm Marshall, Gordon Greenidge, Sir Frank Worrell, and many more.


Cricket is a major sport all over the world. Even though it is the biggest in England, due to expands of the British Empire this amazing sport became international. However, it is not only popular all over the world, but many countries have adopted it as a national sport. Besides these few, Jamaica and the Bahamas also consider cricket as their national sport and there are matches played all across those countries.