Esports Betting Guide

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eSports gambling has become an inevitable craze that many sportsbooks are looking to stick around. After an exceptional uptake of eSports during the past two years, understanding how to eSport bet is an essential skill to anyone who enjoys making a wager in sports betting here or there. While within this guide we will implore you to seek out your own research, we will also provide the best tips and tricks to keep in mind when considering odds, and the various betting mistakes newcomers make.


eSports betting has become such a highly profound addition to any gambler’s regime, that it is estimated eSports will continue to grow and welcome more and more gaming platforms into the near future. CSGO is possibly one of the most popular eSports at the moment, with a large community that participates in both tournament gaming, and the gambling of their skins for more coins and in-game items. For any gamer looking for this route and gambling inspiration, the will offer great promotional beginnings for those just starting out at skin betting. 


What are the strategies that you need to focus on as a beginner?


We all need to start from somewhere, right? Well, as a beginner we have taken it upon ourselves to provide some of the best strategies that need to be focused on, and guide you forward when it comes to eSports betting. In no time at all, you will be placing bets on some of the most prestigious tournaments of the gaming world, with Fortnite, CSGOand League of Legends being a regular on your betting slip!

Pick the game you know best!

While there is a massive range of games that you could follow and choose from, knowing the rules of the battle arena for the game in question is vital. When you know the rules like the back of your hand, it will be very likely that you can pick up the various selections of bets very easily and will know how and where you will need to apply them.

Pick your favourite team and follow them through their career

You heard that right. By picking your favourite team and following them through their career, it will be very likely that you are being aware of their talents and gaming strategies will be simple and easy. By picking teams you are not aware of, you immediately put yourself at risk of not understanding weaknesses and their statistics over the long term of their participation.

Live sports betting should be taken advantage of

While there are many gambling opportunities at sportsbooks, live in-play betting is probably the best of them all. What this offers to gamblers is the option of making simple eSports bets that can be progressively built on throughout game time, based on performance. You will be able to take advantage of the discrepancies of odds within the actual game, meaning at the end of the tournament, you can walk away with a nice boost or profit return.

Don’t just stick to one betting type

There is much more variation to explore than the bog-standard match betting outright selections. Push yourself further and explore the odds on more technicalities and the outcomes that are predicted, such as the score, or the number of maps won for a tournament in CSGO for example. The more you delve deeper into the game specifics, the more odds, and predictions you can discover and therefore enjoy overall!

Shop for the best odds

Last but not least, making sure that you shop for the best odds is essential, as just as any other sports market out there, different sportsbooks will offer various odds that can be wagered more cheaper from elsewhere. Do your research and explore what the market covers at other alternatives, it is never a crime to bet with more than one bookmaker, and saving unnecessary extra costs will be a plus to your bankroll, right?