Five Top Items to Make you a Better Golfer

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If you are struggling to improve your golfing game there are a number of specially designed products on the market that are can help you overcome any issues you are having and help compensate for your golfing flaws.

Fancy getting more practice in but can’t find the time to get to the course? Maybe a top of the range golf simulator is something you need.

Maybe you need a device that can accurately measure your swings, pick up trends in your game, and inform you of any course hazards? If that’s the case investing in a Golf GPS would be extremely beneficial for you.

I have compiled a list of my top five golfing products that can help improve your game and I’m confident that these products can help both beginners and experienced golfers who are struggling to get to grips with a part of their game.


Golf GPS

If you are looking to get a more accurate understanding of the lay of the green and its potential pitfalls, then a Golf GPS is something that might appeal.

Today’s Golf GPS are, by and large, lightweight, slick, and stylish pieces of kit, some even act as a watch and blend in seamlessly to your usual golfing attire.

Able to accurately measure distance, keep score and make you aware of any hazards on the course a Golf GPS can give you a better understanding of the course, as well as precisely record the vital stats of your game so you can easily dissect it and look for improvements.


Golf Simulator- Phigolf Mobile and Home…

If however, you would love to get in some more practice and yet can’t seem to find the time to fit in a trip to the golf course, maybe a Golf Simulator might be something you would be interested in.

Many top of the range Golf Simulators around today, give an excellent recreation of the full golfing experience.

Work on everything from your teeing off to putting, all from the comfort of your own home and precision engineer your swings for your next trip to the course.

Additionally, many Golf Simulators come with the ability to play against other golfers online and compare scores and pick up hints and tips to improve your game.

Many Golf Simulators have specific practice games and drills so that you can work on individual swings as well as improve the overall game.


Golf Books

One of the best ways still to learn the basics is from a book.

If you are unable to have a personal golf tutor why not learn from the best coaches, trainers, and golfers in the world via the written word.

Many champions and top professionals vouch for some of the top books on the market such as Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf or Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings From A Lifetime In Golf.

These sorts of books written by experts in the game and drawing from decades of experience can help both beginners and experienced golfers who are looking to improve their technique.


Golf Driver

If you are new to golf or are a more experienced golfer who is struggling from teeing off the cause may not necessarily be your technique and may in fact be your club.

Finding the perfect driver for you can make all the difference and really improve your score.

Today’s top drivers boast some innovative design technology and have had feedback during the creation process from aeronautical experts.

Newer drivers are made from incredible lightweight materials and have been known to add significantly to a golfers distance as well as height, speed and accuracy.

By making a simple change like switching out your old driver for a newer more appropriate one you could improve your game as well as your enjoyment of it.


Golf Training Aid – PuttOut Pressure Trainer

For any golfers out there, looking to really focus in on one specific part of their game and hone their skills, a Golf Training Aid might be the way to go.

Golfers now have access to training aids that are designed to improve everything from putting to accuracy, swing style to speed, and everything in between.

If a specific part of your game is letting you down then I am confident that you will be able to find a training aid that can assist you in overcoming whatever shortfall you have.



In conclusion, whether you are just beginning your golfing journey or are an experienced pro looking to hone your skills, there will be a product out there that can provide help, guidance, and training.

Many of the products mentioned here are constantly reviewed and ranked by holding sites to ensure golfers are aware of the top of the range golfing products available. in particular has an excellent catalog of reviews, guides, and help for any golfer looking to purchase equipment.