Five Ways a Smartwatch Can Improve Your Fitness Regime

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Getting fit, and perhaps more importantly, staying fit, isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to go and workout. Thankfully, in the modern age, technology seems to have an answer for everything and fitness is no exception.


Our smartphones are already equipped with a range of health-inspired and oriented tech — from pulse monitors to calorie apps — but if you’re looking for the ultimate health and fitness technology, you need to look at getting a smartwatch.


With GPS tracking, heart monitoring and workout reminder apps, the smartwatch might be the ultimate aid to your new fitness regime. Here are just a few ways a smartwatch combined with fitness apps can improve your overall health and well-being.

ECG and Heart rate


Many modern smartphones already have a heart rate monitor built-in; however, there’s no substitute for having one directly next to your skin, particularly while you’re exercising. Using a smartwatch with fitness trackers with blood pressure functions allows you to closely monitor the pressure and stress you’re putting your heart under while exercising, meaning you can push your limits but still stay safe. Coupled with the ECG function (electrocardiogram), you can get a far more accurate picture of your heart’s overall health.


Get fit to the beat


Music can have a massive influence on the way we exercise. Listening to the right track can help push you way beyond your limits. Pair a smartwatch with some wireless headphones and take the music with you — even into the pool. Unlike a cell phone, a smartwatch strapped to your wrist is considerably less bulky and can go anywhere you go.


Automatic fitness challenges


Using a GPS-enabled smartwatch coupled with a pair of wireless earbuds and a fitness tracking app, you can set up various automatic challenges while you exercise. For example, jogging apps will log your times and top speeds from previous sessions and can send you progress updates and challenges to motivate you as you run. Competing against your best times and speeds is a perfect way to keep improving your performance.


Activity reminders


Experts advise that being seated for extended lengths of time is particularly bad for our bodies, circulatory systems, and our health in general. However, with many of us working long hours at desks, it can be all too easy to be sedentary for long periods. Using a smartwatch with an activity reminder will alert you to get up and get moving if you’ve been sat down for long periods. It’s like having a personal trainer on your wrist.


Sleep monitoring apps


Exercise is all well and good, but we still need to recharge our batteries once in a while. Experts widely agree that sleep is essential for life and can help you live longer, stay more alert and have a happier disposition.


Sleep-monitoring apps can give you an accurate picture of how well you’ve rested. Because a smartwatch is directly attached to your wrist, it can take far more accurate readings than other phone-based applications.


Smartwatch technology is still in its relative infancy and the diversity of health training apps grows by the day. Using sensors directly next to your skin gives health information in far greater detail than can be achieved by any other tech. Get a smartwatch today to start improving your health and understanding your workouts better.