How do casinos trick us into losing so much money?

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Often we enter casinos with our pockets filled with cash and with a plan to enjoy the evening with a few drinks, food and earn some money. But the reality is quite different. In spite of losing in a number of rounds, we still want to stay amidst the wonderful lights of the casino and keep gambling. Casinohub India is one such platform which has the collection of the best and most verified casinos.

Even the individuals who think logically and do not spend lavishly lay their foot in the trap of the casinos and engage themselves in the game and lose heavy amounts. The casinos are so designed in order to propel one to make decisions he would not have taken at a normal time so that they can earn money. The lights and sounds, coupled with food and drinks create a wonderful ambience forcing us to stay.

The following are some of the ways how casinos can trick us to spend more time and hence money:

●       Use of chips instead of money:

In casinos, colourful little discs are the mode of currency. Our cash is exchanged for these discs before we get involved with the game.  So as we go all-in during a game, most of us do not realize the amount of money we are placing the bet on. All we have in front of us are a few discs.

It is human psychology to take more risks with these changed currencies as even if losses occur, it does not hurt as much. Hence casinos make the most of our weakness. They also provoke us to load money in a card for digital games so that we are not aware of the amount actually being spent.

●     No presence of clocks:

No casino in the world has a clock. This is quite intentional as they do not want us to be aware of the time and the number of hours we have spent gambling. They want us to keep trying our luck as it would more likely bring them more money.

We need to keep track of time and must trust our wristwatches or mobiles.

●     Multiple rounds of alcohol for free:

Casinos want us to consume more alcohol as it reduces the ability to think rationally and forces us to take impromptu decisions, which benefits them massively. Alcohol is served continuously for free and we usually do not miss on these chances. They are served right at the card tables or slot machines and we do not even have to move to get the drink.

●     Floors designed like a maze:

Casinos are very intricately designed in order to force us to try our luck. There are no clear pathways to the exit or to the restroom. We have to go through a few sections as there are curved paths and often the roulette or the poker catches our eye which we cannot resist.

●     Free rooms offered to stay:

Casinos also offer complimentary meals and the offer to sleep in the adjoining hotel if an individual spends enough money. Thus he does not even have to think about his basic necessities of food and sleep, increasing the probability that the person might engage himself in gambling again the following morning.

●     The outside world cannot be seen:

The casino doors have a coat of tint so that the sunlight cannot enter the casino. They are well-lit throughout the day and the fancy ceilings, carpets and the ambience does little to reveal the time of the day. Thus one can engage oneself in gambling for hours.

●     Rare victories result in big celebrations:

The chances that one will hit the jackpot are very rare. But if someone manages to do so, the celebrations are immense. There are lots of cheers as sounds buzz and lights flash. All this leads us to try more and spend more money but the chances of winning is very low.

●     Bathrooms have strategic locations:

The bathrooms in casinos are located deep in the building and one has to go through the very attractive sections to reach there. The chances are one will get attracted to some game and try their luck.

●     Loyalty programs are offered

Casinos often offer points as rewards for every dollar one has spent. One can get a free meal if enough points can be accumulated. This forces many to indulge in playing in spite of losing.


Gambling is very addictive and often one fails to think rationally and keep their control, leading to losses. If you are into gambling, think wisely and try to avoid such instances. But one should be aware that the casinos are verified and must abide by the law. Casinohub India provides you with the most trustworthy casinos to choose from.