How Is Sports Betting Regulated In Louisiana

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The casino and betting industry is huge, gambling and betting started all the way back in the early 17th century.


There are, of course, older forms of betting, but today we are going to discuss modern betting. It is safe to say that modern betting survived only because it was regulated in some way throughout the history. For example, in America, there are many states that simply do not allow sports betting or gambling. Other states, like Louisiana, for example, allow sports betting and gambling, but under regulations.


Today we are going to discuss those regulations and show you what sports betting looks like in Louisiana.

It’s highly regulated and safe

With things like casinos and gambling, you can never be too safe. You probably heard some nightmare stories of gamblers being harassed for their winnings or managers refusing to pay out. Well, with something as old and established as sports betting this is not the case. The government keeps a close eye on the world of sports betting in Louisiana.


There are many secure betting sites where you can place your bets like betrivers Louisiana, for example. Those sites are encrypted and that means that the personal data of players is secure from hackers and other malicious people on the internet. They also provide players with many wonderful games.


Here is how sports betting is regulated in this state.


Sportsbook kiosks at bars and restaurants are operated by the Louisiana Lottery Corporation. There is no reported cap on the number of kiosk locations allowed. 


The rules for Louisiana sports betting are.


. Professional, college, and amateur sports betting is allowed, including on LSU and other Louisiana-based colleges.

. Prop bets are allowed with some exceptions (e.g. no betting on player injuries or disciplinary action)

. You need to be at least 21 years old to wager in-person or on the web

. Betting on high school sporting events or on athletes who are under age 18 is not allowed

. Betting by players, coaches, or referees on games or events in which they are participating is not allowed.

. All betting servers must be located in Louisiana or in the 55 parishes where sportsbooks are legal


There Is Also Fantasy Sports Betting

It is safe to say that in most states where sports betting is not allowed, people also can’t put their money on fantasy sports games. In Louisiana, betting on fantasy sports is allowed since 2020. If betting on real sports is not your thing, you can try fantasy sports betting.