How Online Casinos Became Popular

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Now more than ever, we see people going online to enjoy some of the best casino games. The technology made it possible to enjoy these types of games wherever we go. Most of the online casinos are mobile-friendly, while some even have their apps.

There’s no doubt that they provided a new and revolutionizing way of gambling, which is why we wanted to give you an inside look at these sites and explain why they are so popular. If you are already familiar with these things and you just want to experience the top-rated games, make sure you visit the best online casino site.

Short History

Even though online casinos gained popularity in 2015, they have been around for a much longer period. The first-ever casino software was created in 1994, while the first mobile-friendly casino site was made in 2004. Both of these milestones were accomplished by one of the best game providers of today – Microgaming.

The reason why they weren’t popular until 2015 is because people didn’t trust the Internet that much back in the day, at least not enough to leave their private data. The technology in the early 2000s was also not as advanced as today and that is why online casinos couldn’t operate with full potential. The moment these two issues were solved; online casinos were on a roll.

Security, Privacy, and Fair-Play

Security was one of the biggest issues that online casinos faced in the beginning. That’s why they invested a lot of money in its development. Today, casino sites use artificial intelligence to ensure both security and fair-play. This technology may have some pros and cons, but online casinos are using it perfectly. SSL-encryptions receive all the private data from the players and make it an unbreakable code. RNGs, on the other side, create random outcomes and give each player an equal chance of winning a game.

To spice it all up, players register under aliases and they gain full anonymity in the eyes of the public.

Players Receive Tons of Rewards

One of the best features that online casinos have (and the biggest advantage they have over land-based casinos) is their numerous promotions and bonuses. New players receive Welcome Bonuses upon registering, loyal players are inducted into Loyalty Programs, and casinos hold numerous daily, weekly, and monthly promotions.

The most common bonuses are Free Spins, bonus on winnings, and free money for playing. Some online casinos even host tournaments which have great prize pools.

Easy Access

Lastly, we wanted to mention that online casinos are extremely easy to access. Like we mentioned earlier, their sites are optimized for both desktop and mobile use. Furthermore, they are operating 24/7/365 and can be accessed from any location, whether that’s your home while traveling, etc.

The only two conditions are legal age (varies from casino site to casino site) and a stable Internet connection. Some countries are restricted from online casinos, but you gain access to their sites by using a VPN.