How to Combine Weed and Asanas

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Cannabis Chemistry for Asana Practice

Suggestions for Stoned Yoga

Safety Tips and Considerations

Take Your Practice Higher

Yoga and weed might sound like a controversial combination, but there’s nothing novel or iffy about it. Ancient yogis used the herb in their spiritual practices. Their new-age counterparts light up to loosen their bodies and open their minds.


This mix might offer a profoundly spiritual experience while empowering your physical flow. Understanding cannabis chemistry, your yogic intention, and the correlation between the two can elevate your adventure.


Find weed seeds for sale, cultivate buds, and prepare for intoxicated yoga. Here’s all you need to know to couple your asana with marijuana.


Cannabis Chemistry for Asana Practice

When people think about yoga, they often imagine a person holding a Downward Facing Dog or a Warrior II. These poses, called asana, are only a part of the practice. Meditation, breathwork, and spirituality are equally essential for a well-rounded habit.


Early 21st century yoga was less holistic. Studios often focused on physical postures to strengthen and stretch the muscles. While beneficial, this approach disregards the spiritual aspect of yoga. As a result, teachers turned to marijuana to re-integrate their bodies and souls.


Let’s see how different cannabis chemicals assist with this intention.


THC Cannabis

THC is the compound responsible for the ‘high’ that follows consumption. It’s said to ease pain, improve mood, alter your perception of color and sound, and heighten your senses.


This influence might be beneficial for spiritual explorations. The psychoactive experience means you’re unlikely to feel silly and self-conscious. It releases inhibitions and aids open-mindedness.


Excessive THC might impair your motor skills and induce haziness and anxiety. Since yoga is about focus and presence, moderation is key.


CBD Cannabis

CBD is therapeutic and non-psychoactive. People don’t experience intoxication after ingesting it but report reduced discomfort, nausea, and anxiety. As a result, many consume it as part of their daily lives and between activities.


The relationship between yoga and marijuana is less pronounced with this cannabinoid. Its impact on the body and mind is slight, so you’re unlikely to have a mind-expanding practice. If pain or anxiety hinders your ability to move around or sit still, though, CBD might do the trick.


Blending Cannabinoids

Recently, scientists noticed an ‘entourage effect’ between various marijuana chemicals. Patients enjoy higher rates of relief when consuming THC and CBD together than in isolation. Other minor cannabinoids like HHC, CBC, and CBG heighten the overall experience.


Full-spectrum ganja might offer a more wholesome way to get high. As a bonus, when you smoke CBD and THC together, the former inhibits the latter and prevents an incapacitating high. You experience the psychological benefits without the risk of overindulgence.


Suggestions for Stoned Yoga

Eager to do yoga while high? It’s time to choose a strain. Numerous types of weed are available on the modern market, each with unique cannabinoid makeups to alter the high. To simplify, we focus on the three oft-discussed categories.


Sativa for Vinyasa

Vinyasa is a style of yoga asana that connects breath with movement. It’s fast-paced and strengthening. Sativa contains energizing terpenes for daytime use. People experience it as uplifting and stimulating, so the two go well together.


If trying this pairing, start slow and drink plenty of water. Cannabis dehydrates the system and might cause a headache after a sweaty activity.


Indica for Yin

Yin yoga is slow-paced, instructing you to stay in poses for dozens of breaths. You get the chance to rejuvenate your muscles and joints in this moving meditation. Indica is pain-relieving, relaxing, and borderline sedative in higher doses, so it aids the stillness.


Potency is a significant factor here. The best strains for meditation in yin help you unwind without putting you to sleep. You’re able to find peace and stay present.


Hybrids for Hatha

Hatha yoga is a slower practice that emphasizes breath and control. It can be strong and incorporate elements of vinyasa, though. Hybrid weed strains induce indica and sativa effects, matching this moderate style.


Balanced hybrids are perfect for yoga. The high starts with a burst of energy and ends in relaxation just in time for Savasana.


Safety Tips and Considerations

Let’s end by discussing safety. Unless there’s a studio specializing in stoned yoga in your vicinity, it’s best to try this blend in a safe space at home.


Smoke or vape for an immediate effect onset, or try edibles for a gradual high. Note that the latter tend to be more intense, so only take a tiny amount.


Several puffs from a joint or 2.5 mg of cannabinoids is enough for novices. These doses move your attention from daily concerns and add a spiritual twist to your sweat sesh.


Remember that cannabis heightens all senses, which could make or break this experiment. Set the stage by minimizing distractions and wearing comfy clothes. Choose familiar poses and practice on carpet or another soft surface.


Take Your Practice Higher

Should you pair yoga and weed? Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or struggling to step on the mat, it’s a worthwhile experiment. The former may experience a different intensity with cannabis, while the latter could find additional enjoyment in asana when stoned.


If you like this combination, buy seeds to grow marijuana at home and make it even more holistic.

Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman is an American writer, educator, activist and award-winning cannabis cultivator and breeder specializing in veganic cultivation. He is a representative of Homegrown Cannabis CO company, has been a contributor for over 20 years, and has taught courses in advanced horticulture at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California and across the United States. Kushman also hosts a cannabis podcast called “The Grow Show with Kyle Kushman”.