How to withdraw your bonus and winnings once you start using a betting promotion?

Last updated: May 23, 2023


People who are interested in online gambling know that most bookmakers and casinos provide users with different promotions. The majority of iGaming operators are forced to do that because otherwise, they won’t be able to attract new clients. Needless to say, there are way more casinos and bookmakers than before, which means that it is becoming more difficult for them to stand out.


There are all kinds of offers that bettors will have the opportunity to test, especially if they like sports. Some rewards allow punters to bet for free, receive a percentage of the money they’ve lost, or get an additional amount if they predict several sports events. Every type of proposal apart from the so-called “no deposit bonuses” has a wagering requirement that clients have to complete in order to pull out their winnings.


Despite the fact that most platforms have specific rules you must adhere to while wagering your bonus, we’ve decided to point out a few things that might help you out. Of course, you should always read the complete Terms and Conditions before you start punting.


Usually, you can bet on everything you like to fulfill the rollover requirement, but there might be some limitations


In order to complete the wagering condition, clients have to place bets using the bonus funds. Coral has great bonuses explained by SB, and if you look at some of them, you will see that they will allow you to punt on all sorts of sports. Unfortunately, some platforms have more restrictions than others, which is why bettors may not have the privilege of wagering on their preferred sport or casino game.


Since bookies and casinos have various betting options, they decide to limit some of the things that people can wager on while using a bonus. For example, some sportsbooks only have offers for eSports and football, whereas most casinos prefer to include a couple of slots and table games.


You have to fulfill the playthrough requirement within a couple of days


Apart from the fact that your preferred gambling operator might not allow you to use the bonus funds on everything, you must check the offer’s duration. Some Coral offers explained by SB are available only for a couple of days, which means that you have to complete the rollover requirements during that time. You can fulfill this rule earlier, but if it takes longer, the gambling operator will remove the bonus funds from your account.


Usually, the betting companies give their clients enough time to use their rewards. However, there are places where you might have to wager your bonus over 50 times in a day or two. Needless to say, fulfilling this condition is easier said than done.


Watch for the maximum bet requirement


Lastly, most sportsbooks and casinos won’t allow you to wager as much money as you want to because you can complete the wagering condition too fast. That’s why they often limit the maximum bet, which means you have to wager multiple times.