Impact of global warming on sporting events

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Impact of global warming on sporting events

 Climate change, global warming – these are the buzzwords of the last decade. Some people think that the idea of global warming is a hoax, some don’t. Anyway, college students are studying this issue, and an assignment to write an essay about this issue is a common thing these days.

However, just writing about climate change can become boring, so college students pick different aspects of human functioning that are affected by this. A good example is sports. We’ve heard a lot of information about the impact of global warming on the economy, industries, and so on, but way fewer people took an interest in how it affects sports, and that is the topic of this discussion.

First of all, what do we do?

Well, the question of how to stop global warming has been around for decades, and there are lots of answers to that – it depends on what viewpoint a person is taking in this situation. That’s one of the reasons why students are often tasked with writing essay on how to stop global warming. They explore various methods of achieving this goal and the whole process of reading an essay regarding this topic is fascinating. Each person provides one’s own views and sometimes they come up with some example of a method of reducing global warming that is free for society and highly effective.

Some methods are economic, such as reduction of traditional fuel extraction in favor of green technologies. Some methods are social – people and companies should become aware of the things they consume and produce to reduce waste. This way, it is possible to reduce carbon imprint and lessen the effects of global warming.

The same thing goes to energy production and consumption – stations powered by traditional fossil fuels should be replaced by more ecological options while cars could go in the direction of hybrid and/or electric consumption. Anyway, let’s get to a more niche topic – global warming and sports!

When it comes to sport, everything matters because it’s important

Sport is the thing that unites people around the world. This is sort of a binding agent that has the potential of temporarily erasing different socio-cultural boundaries between people, thus making it important! That is why the impact of global warming on sports activities cannot be underestimated, especially during our turbulent times of unrest.

Weather and sport

Weather and sport are directly connected, which should not be a surprise. After all, activities such as American football, soccer, rugby, golf, and tennis are directly impacted by a simple thing – playing field. A soggy soil often makes a field unplayable, thus heavily affecting a sports activity. The same goes for things such as rains, storms, and so on, and so forth. All these things actually matter! That is why global warming is basically undermining the ability of sportsmen and sportswomen to participate in these activities.

Effects on athletes

Now, this topic is interesting. Any sort of intensive physical activity outdoors is affecting a person in one way or another. For example, if the air is too humid, an athlete will have a hard time breathing effectively. If the air is too dry, the situation is similar. There are lots of different effects of the dry season on athletes. For example, this sort of climatic conditions will require an athlete to carefully consider one’s water intake as it is quite easy to become exhausted from high temperatures and lack of hydration.

Cold temperature has its effects as well. For example, exposure to low temperatures means a risk of things such as frostbite, pulled muscle, shortness of breath, and other things that reduce the performance of an athlete. Even more, cold temperature requires a person to take more time to warm up because muscles are less responsive, and they will be because of exposure to cold weather! A need to do more to achieve the performance results during normal conditions means a risk of dehydration. You can ask college students who are studying sports or physics about that.

Is there a reason to bring up cold weather because it’s warming? Well, does global warming make winter colder? Yes, it does. Warm and cold air cyclones are always in a struggle, which creates different weather conditions. Global warming is disrupting the balance, thus learning to weather changes that are more extreme than ever, both during warm and cold seasons. That’s why we have more hurricanes, floods, and so on. This is the reason why recent years have been marked by some of the coldest winters. As a result, these things affect professional sport as well.


All-in-all, climate change is not a hoax, and scientists all over the world are alarmed by this phenomenon. It affects ordinary people, industries, and other things, including sports. That is why knowing how to stop global warming is so important. All the information online is free, and it is possible to find an example of how different people are fighting it. The same goes for sports.

Weather conditions are affecting the playing field, they are affecting the athletes and their performance. Lots of things are interconnected, and further changes in our climate could possibly mean a literal disappearance of some types of sports if no action is taken. That is why knowing the connection between weather and sport is so important.