Interesting cases of winnings in bookmakers

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Winning at a bookmaker’s office is not all, it is much more difficult to get this amount later – honestly and completely. We found three of the most interesting examples when players were screwed up at the very last moment when the chance to become rich substantially was very close.

Cutting limits

Such tricks on the part of dishonest bookmakers began to practice almost immediately after the opening of the first offices. Otherwise, bookmakers would have gone bankrupt in the first month of their existence.

Daren Yates, a resident of England, made a bet in a bookmaker in 1996 that jockey Frankie Dettori would not only become the absolute favorite in all races in Ascet, but would also lead the winning streak throughout the current season. The horse racing fan made a 59-pound bet on his prediction. The odds were then 25,000.

The lucky winner won 1,500,000 pounds, but because of the cut, Yates got only a third of the amount won.

Unrealistic odds 3 956 748

The prize and its owner were recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. In 1984, Edward Hodson, a resident of England, decided to try his luck at horse racing. He made a small bet of 55 pounds on a record odd of 3,956,748. He had every chance not only to ruin the bookmaker but also to become a billionaire, but the fairy tale was not destined to come true. Thanks to the payout limits, Hodson got only £ 3,000.

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And again, cutting limits

In this story, everything is not as deplorable as in the previous one, but no less unfair. In 1995, an incognito woman first came to the racetrack and decided to make a bet by choosing the weakest horse in the race.

The bet was only 5p, but the odds were set at 3,072,887. Due to an unrealistic coincidence of unknown circumstances, the horse finished first in the race and brought the lady 153,644 pounds. If the limit had not been lowered, she would definitely be delighted. She was paid only a much smaller part of the funds.

Express 1 666 666

Sports betting can be very rewarding. A vivid example of this is Mickey Gibs’s bet in 2001. A simple worker, a resident of Staffordshire, predicted the most likely outcomes of 15 football matches and made a bet with a bookmaker for $ 1.50. He had an unrealistic chance of a big win, since the odds almost played on all the outcomes, reaching 1,666,666, but the Champions League final did not want to please the player too much. The player’s total payout was $ 833,000.

$ 100 500 Express

The young guy, not particularly versed in sports disciplines, decided to try his luck at the bookmaker’s office. In 2008, he made an express bet, predicting the outcome of 14 matches in the qualifying round before the 2010 World Cup. He managed to guess all the outcomes. The total odds were 209,856, the amount by which he was able to ruin the bookmaker – $ 100,500.

The aforementioned cases demonstrate that there is the possibility of winning large amounts on sports betting if you do not consider the percentage of winning and losing players. For every 10,000 losers/zero bankroll, you have about one winning bet.

However, bookmakers rarely honor their promises, and luck seldom smiles on players either. The goal of sports betting is first and foremost to take a risk, followed by a chance to earn real money, available only to those who constantly hone their gaming strategy and are sensitive to all the factors that may influence the outcome of the selected event.