Is a second season of Michael Jordan on Netflix possible?

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When it was released in 2020, “The Last Dance” was billed as the untold story of NBA legend Michael Jordan, revolving around his iconic time with the Chicago Bulls. Featuring previously unreleased and exclusive footage, the 10-part miniseries was a huge success for ESPN and Netflix, who co-produced this documentary event. Such was the positive reception amongst viewers around the world, it leaves us wondering if there is more to come.

The Last Dance

Based over 10 episodes, “The Last Dance” focuses on the remarkable career of Michael Jordan, with a particular emphasis on his time with the Chicago Bulls. The name of the documentary itself is reference to the 1997-98 NBA season, coined by Bulls head coach Phil Jackson, when he referred to that campaign being the last of a legacy for his team.

Starting with flashbacks from the earliest days of his career, getting up close and personal to provide an insightful perspective of Jordan himself, revealing how he became the ultra-competitive basketball player that brought him such fame. The beauty of the whole series is that it captures an era; this is a love letter to basketball that fondly guides us through Jordan’s rise to stardom.
Each episode delves into a specific element of the Bulls dynasty, from the mid-1980’s to the late 1990’s, with Jordan himself the main focus of attention throughout. Much of the exclusive footage comes from the 1997-98 season, when a film crew had unrestricted access to daily life at the Chicago Bulls. This includes previously unseen and unmissable interviews with Jordan, along with other icons like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Steve Kerr.

Critical Success & Reviews


Even in a country where cricket is the dominant sport, this unique basketball story was consumed with great interest. in India There is a strong passion for both sports and sports betting in the country, which is only growing as projects like this come to the fore. This is also highlighted by the growing number of quality bookmakers featured in reviews, for example, which focus on providing unbiased information about the best online betting sites. By contrast, “The Last Dance” was hardly an unbiased view of Jordan or the NBA.

This was ultimately a bone of contention for many of the critical reviews of the documentary. Rather than being a journalistic insight that took an unbiased look at Jordan, “The Last Dance” production was largely influenced by Jordan himself. He had the final say on what was included or omitted. Even though the series did touch on delicate subjects, such as Jordan’s passion for gambling, it always showed him in a positive light.
Essentially, while overall critical reactions praised the quality of the production itself, many reviewers pointed out that it was also a biased look at the subject matter. Jordan was inevitably the central figure; the key protagonist being worshiped in this documentary series. Everyone else played a supporting role. Nevertheless, “The Last Dance” met with overwhelmingly positive reviews, both from critics and the audience it aimed to reach.

The Jordan Legacy Continues

Michael Jordan is both a sporting icon and a cultural phenomenon, besides being widely considered as the greatest basketball player of all time. There are those who might contest the latter, of course, although there’s no doubting his legacy both on and off the basketball courts. This is a guy who still generates massive interest, despite being retired as a player for almost two decades.

Fiercely competitive throughout his whole life, both during and beyond his NBA playing days, Jordan has forged an impressive business empire. The man himself has become something of almost mythical proportions, a brand that even those who know little about sports have heard about. Whatever ventures Jordan turns his hands to, he remains the highest-earning retired athlete in the world.
When he purchased a controlling stake in the Charlotte Hornets in 2009, Jordan became the first former NBA player to own a team franchise. He also became part-owner of the Miami Marlins in 2017, expanding his interests into Major League Baseball. Most recently, the ex-player built his very own ultra-exclusive Grove XXIII golf club in Florida, with invite-only memberships. Furthermore, this year, 23XI Racing debuted in NASCAR – both ventures using his iconic Chicago Bulls shirt number.

More to Come Soon?

Jordan had the final say on what footage made “The Last Dance” documentary series, he was the controlling figure throughout production. There is undoubtedly plenty that remained archived or on the cutting room floor, which may never see the light of day. This makes a second season unlikely, although future documentaries could focus on his continuing sporting legacy.